Travel to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

Update:  March 12, 2018, is the fiftieth anniversary of the My Lai massacre.  This is an anniversary worth lifting up so this trip will be built around that date.

From 1985 until the late 1990s I led one or two trips a year to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.  Initially they were designed for university teachers and administrators, but came to include lawyers, NGOs, foundations, business people and veterans of the OSS.  The goal was to increase mutual understanding and help all four countries move to normal diplomatic, cultural and economic relations.

More recently I have organized trips for former anti-war activists and members of their families. These offer an opportunity to see the impact of the war, reflect with hosts on the role of anti-war activism, and experience fascinating cultures, histories, geography and cuisines. Meetings with government and US embassy officials focus on contemporary issues, including economic development, trade and the danger of conflict over territorial claims in the South China (a.k.a. East) Sea. 

The core of the trip is at least ten fully programmed days in Vietnam, covering north, center and south.  People who want to have more time for conventional sightseeing are encouraged to come early and/or stay later.  I will provide an introduction to a capable Vietnamese travel agent and offer advice about excursions to Ha Long Bay, Sa Pa, the Mekong Delta, natural parks, etc.  

Depending on the amount of interest, I will include Laos and Cambodia in the trip or simply help you arrange your own program there before or after Vietnam.  Personally I recommend spending an extra week to get a sense of  two very different but related histories, cultures, economies and contemporary political systems.

The cost of the trip is about $2,000 for the ground program in Vietnam.  Laos will be roughly an additional $300 and Cambodia $700.   That does not include air fare between countries or from the US.  

You may be able to use airline milage on trans-Pacific flights.

When you write to me, say something about your strongest interests, including if you hope for encounters with professional counterparts.

My goal is to share my experience and personal relationships.  I do not earn anything from the trip, but your payment will hopefully cover my cost of accompanying you.

John McAuliff 
Fund for Reconciliation and Development