Chicago Seven Webinar Chat and Q & A Reports

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16:00:24 From  Mary Williams   to   All panelists : Lulu from Tucson here!!

16:00:47 From  Mary Williams   to   All panelists : Hey Troy!!!! It's Lulu!

16:00:50 From  Al Glatkowski : Hi folks

16:01:02 From  Marta Baldocchi   to   All panelists : Hello everybody!

16:01:04 From  Joseph Wolf   to   All panelists : Hi Judy!

16:01:07 From  Tanya Shaffer   to   All panelists : Hi! Super excited for this!

16:01:08 From  Jonas Oppenheim   to   All panelists : Awwww yeah Troy

16:01:10 From  JOHN COLM   to   All panelists : John here in Cleveland

16:01:15 From  Alex Knopp : Thanks for setting this up John— Alex Knopp

16:01:18 From  Steven Jacobs   to   All panelists : Hi Troy

16:01:19 From  Abe Peck   to   All panelists : Greetings from Santa Barbara.

16:01:23 From  Todd Gitlin   to   All panelists : Not sure my video is working

16:01:23 From  anna schnitzer   to   All panelists : Thanks for having this webinar.  I remember the days…

16:01:26 From  Skip Blumberg   to   All panelists : hey Judy hi

16:01:31 From  Steven Jacobs   to   All panelists : loving regards.

16:01:36 From  carole cullum   to   All panelists : this is a great idea!!!

16:01:45 From  Jessica Epstein   to   All panelists : Hey momma!

16:01:49 From  Susan Reverby   to   All panelists : Hi Judy!  Love to you and Art.

16:01:53 From  Brewster Rhoads   to   Alex Knopp and all panelists : Hi Alex!  I am the timekeeper!

16:01:57 From  Thoa Nguyen   to   All panelists : Hi John and Troy

16:01:58 From  Steven Jacobs   to   All panelists : Rabbi Steven Jacobs

16:01:59 From  Giovanni Rodriguez   to   All panelists : Hi everyone

16:02:07 From  Nancy Hollander   to   All panelists : Hi— thank you for this!  Nancy Hollander

16:02:08 From  Helena Sheehan : Hi from Dublin.

16:02:14 From  Rabbi David Cooper   to   All panelists : Hi Judy, your rabbi from Berkeley Oakland. And I was at the march in that picture

16:02:17 From  HENRY ROSENFELD   to   All panelists : Hi Skip! Hank here, FOK: Friend of Krassner

16:02:27 From  Alex Knopp : I’ll be careful Brew— Bette sends love.

16:02:29 From  Stella Resnick : Hi there, This is Stella Resnick. How can I get on video and not have my audio muted?

16:02:34 From  Giovanni Rodriguez   to   All panelists : Hi Rennie!

16:02:36 From  Elizabeth Lee   to   All panelists : Elizabeth lee, St Anthony, Newfoundland, Canada

16:02:37 From  Naomi Price   to   All panelists : Rennie, I was part of the collective that ran Haymarket Square, the Fayetteville GI coffeehouse. Thank you again for your support then and your participation now. And HI Judy!

16:02:45 From  Adam Cooper   to   All panelists : Adam from NYC

16:02:48 From  William Ayers   to   All panelists : Great to see you!!

16:02:49 From  Marla Slavner : Hello from Toronto, Canada - The Global Sunrise Project

16:02:50 From  Thoa Nguyen   to   All panelists : It's Thoa Hi John and Troy  

16:03:00 From  Robert Rini   to   All panelists : Shout out from Seattle, an officially designated "anarchist jurisdiction!"

16:03:01 From  Torie Osborn   to   All panelists : Please introduce yourself!

16:03:05 From  Colleen Fuller   to   All panelists : Hello from Vancouver!

16:03:12 From  Alex Knopp : Helena! Alex Knopp (from Philly in old days!)

16:03:19 From  Madeline Fine   to   All panelists : Thank you so much for this !  Madeline from Boston - remembering those weeks and months with a heavy heart.

16:03:19 From  Lawrence Reichard   to   All panelists : Hi!  Lawrence Reichard from Belfast, Maine.  Greetings, all!

16:03:21 From  Tom Lees : Hello from Philadelphia

16:03:22 From  Cheryl Revkin   to   All panelists : Hello from Los Angeles. Thanks for creating this reunion!

16:03:30 From  Tanya Shaffer : Hi from Ann Arbor, Michigan, where SDS began!

16:03:30 From  Lola Cohen   to   All panelists : Woodstock!

16:03:37 From  Stella Resnick : Hi Judy, Hi Rennie, Good to see you both.

16:03:37 From  Doug Hostetter   to   All panelists : Thanks to everyone who worked on this webinar!

16:03:40 From  Nicole Gotthelf   to   All panelists : Hi from Chicago

16:03:44 From  Susie Shannon   to   All panelists : Hi from Los Angeles!

16:03:46 From  John McAuliff   to   Todd Gitlin and all panelists : do you have video

16:03:48 From  Emma Daley   to   All panelists : Stella, I don't see that option, either. I suspect it's disabled.

16:03:50 From  Leslie Kay   to   All panelists : Hello from the anarchist jurisdiction of Portland, Oregon

16:03:50 From  Helena Sheehan : Hi Alex. Long time no see.

16:03:51 From  Ellen Fred   to   All panelists : Go Blue! (Hello from N. MI)

16:03:53 From  B Loste   to   All panelists : Greetings from Portand, OR

16:03:57 From  John Willems : Hello from Detroit

16:03:58 From  Edward Hasbrouck   to   All panelists : For those interested in the *unindicted* conspirators, I've posted some info about Eric Weinberger:

16:04:00 From  Margot Williams : hello from #DCStatehood #TaxationWithoutRepresentation

16:04:04 From  Terry Murray   to   All panelists : another Torontonian here

16:04:06 From  Robert Ross : Hello Rennie; Hi Troy.

16:04:07 From  Chris Richter   to   All panelists : Hi from Brooklyn, New York!

16:04:10 From  Larry Gross   to   All panelists : Los Angeles is in the house.

16:04:11 From  Richard Feldman   to   All panelists : hello from Detroit-  Rich Feldman- Janice Fialka James and Grace Lee Boggs Center.  thank you for all that you do.

16:04:28 From  Robert Ross : Bob Ross

16:04:32 From  Sue Udry   to   All panelists : Hi from the colony of DC! 

16:04:48 From  Alex Knopp : Hi Rennie— remember People’s Grand Jury??

16:04:57 From  Lee Webb   to   All panelists : Hello Rennie

16:05:00 From  Al Glatkowski : Glad you folks have put this together and thank you for the invite. Al in Duck, North Carolina

16:05:06 From  Allen Imbarrato   to   All panelists : hi Rennie. Troy from LA

16:05:06 From  Todd Gitlin   to   All panelists : Greetings from Madison

16:05:09 From  Stephen Spitz : Hi from Falls Church, Virginia but originally from Chicago and was there in Grant Park and in front of the Conrad Hilton Hotel on August 28, 1968.

16:05:15 From  C. Clark Kissinger   to   All panelists : Hi Rennie, 50 years no see! Clark

16:05:20 From  Terry Murray : another Torontonian here

16:05:23 From  Lee Webb : Hello Rennie

16:05:27 From  Paul Mishler   to   All panelists : Hi from Paul Mishler in Indiana. Still marching!

16:05:41 From  Stephen Spitz : Definitely not a historical account!

16:05:42 From  Leda Schubert   to   All panelists : Hello from Vermont.

16:05:42 From  Lawrence Reichard   to   All panelists : Stella Resnick, are you related to Bill Resnick?

16:05:43 From  Marjorie Fritz-Birch : Hello from Chicago Marjorie Fritz=Birch

16:05:45 From  Emma Daley : Oops, this went to just panelists: Stella, I don't see that option, either. I suspect it's disabled.

16:06:06 From  Leda Schubert : Hello from Vermont.

16:06:10 From  Peter Werbe   to   All panelists : Peter Werbe here in Detroit. Hello to all.

16:06:12 From  Marcia Quarle   to   All panelists : Hi it’s Marcia from Berkeley California

16:06:22 From  Emma Taylor   to   All panelists : thank you for putting this on!!

16:06:29 From  Lee Webb   to   All panelists : Hi Rennie

16:06:37 From  Judy Olasov : Hello from San Francisco!

16:06:40 From  Marta Gara   to   All panelists : Hi from Italy and thanks to panelists, Marta

16:06:49 From  Andy klatt : From Somerville MA

16:06:54 From  Judith Ezekiel : Greetings from Yellow Springs, Ohio.  Judy, we met at the Boston WLM conference.

16:06:54 From  Lee Webb   to   All panelists : Hi Rennie    Lee

16:06:56 From  Dana Biberman   to   All panelists : I got on to say hi to Judy and Rennie but can't stay on for very long.  Be well.

16:06:58 From  Doug Hostetter : Greeting to everyone.  Thanks for joining.

16:07:06 From  Celeste Fremon   to   All panelists : Hi, Troy!  Thanks for doing this.  Missing your dad.

16:07:07 From  Sue McKevitt   to   All panelists : Hello from New Hampshire

16:07:08 From  Larry George   to   All panelists : Hi Troy, Thanks for inviting me to this. Looking forward.

16:07:19 From  Barry Lynn : Hello from Hull, Massachusetts

16:07:19 From  Brian Spears   to   All panelists : greetings from Atlanta, Georgia.  thank you for putting this program together.

16:07:34 From  ken brociner   to   All panelists : greetings from Stu Ball

16:07:37 From  Lawrence Reichard   to   All panelists : Greetings, YSO, from a 1981 Antioch alum!

16:07:40 From  Phyllis Chestang   to   All panelists : Hello & Thank-you for Southern California.

16:07:40 From  Shirley Tomczaak   to   All panelists : Hi from Shirley, Tom’s high school friend.  Troy I met you at Laurel Springs when you were 2 or 3.  I worked at the camp with your dad & mom.

16:07:41 From  Mardi Klevs   to   All panelists : greetings from Chicago:  mardi and joey

16:07:44 From  JANE FONDA   to   All panelists : Greetings from L.A.. Looking forward to this panel. Jane Fonda

16:07:48 From  Robert Levering   to   All panelists : Good intro, Terry. Greetings from San Francisco

16:07:50 From  Emma Daley : Hello from Northampton, MA!

16:07:57 From  David H. Finke : Greetings from Oberlin, Ohio.  David & Nancy Finke, who were in college with Rennie.  At 123 S. Professor St.!

16:08:00 From  John McAuliff : To send a greeting or message to one person, go down to the bottom of the chat box and use the down arrow to find the individual.

16:08:02 From  Doug Hostetter   to   All panelists : Terry, you haven’t introduced yourself.

16:08:03 From  Todd Gitlin   to   All panelists : greetings from washington dc

16:08:10 From  Ronald Mendel   to   All panelists : Good afternoon/evening  from Bristol, UK --  I went to Chicago in late August 1968 as "clean  for Gene" and left wearing a black armband, symbolising the 'death' of democratic 'America', ready to join SDS.  

16:08:14 From  Tanya Shaffer : Oberlin grad here too!

16:08:15 From  Frances Schreiberg : Greetings to Rennie +Judy and thanks to all of you for putting this together -- remember visiting the trial in Chicago before I graduated law school.  Fran Schreiberg (in SF)

16:08:21 From  Norman Stockwell : Greetings from Madison, Wisconsin

16:08:21 From  Kathleen Dow : Hello from Ann Arbor, MI!

16:08:27 From  Dan Martin : Dan Martin from Oakland, CA

16:08:33 From  Michel Coconis   to   All panelists : Hello from Columbus, Ohio

16:08:36 From  Peter Freedman   to   All panelists : glad to be here hi Rennie

16:08:36 From  David Steinberg : Hi Dave Finke! Good to see you!

16:08:36 From  Jane Barton : Hello from Jane Barton. 

16:08:38 From  Lawrence Reichard   to   All panelists : Greetings, Oberlin, from a nephew of Joe and Anita Reichard!

16:08:44 From  Eleni Gourgou   to   All panelists : Hello from Ann Arbor #2 :)

16:08:44 From  Gwendolyn Simmons   to   All panelists : GREETINGS to all the Panelists,especially to my AFSC Colleague, Terry Provence & John McAuliff! I watched the Chicago 7 film on Netflix! I enjoyed it, even though I have read some critiques on it, some of which are good! Nonetheless, I found the film informative and entertaining!

16:08:58 From  Richard Bermack   to   All panelists : Hello from berkeley Richard Bermack

16:08:58 From  Diane Field   to   All panelists : Hello from Chicago.

16:09:15 From  Barbara Myers : Hello from San Francisco

16:09:18 From  Randy Ross   to   All panelists : Randy Ross from western Mass.

16:09:18 From  Sam Brown : Greetings , all, from the Colorado mountains.

16:09:19 From  Gwendolyn Simmons   to   All panelists : Greetings to my NCOE COLLEAGUE, Frank Joyce!

16:09:32 From  Brenda Reeber : from Brenda and George Reeber from Michigan glad to be on board

16:09:35 From  Marjorie Fritz-Birch : Marjorie Fritz-Birch  Forgot to Say my Mother, Jean Fritz was a dissenting juror on the trial

16:09:36 From  Brian Spears : Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia.  Learned so much doing support work during the trial in Ann Arbor.  

16:09:37 From  Sam Karp : Hello to old comrades, and a special greeting to Rennie.

16:09:53 From  Jesse Brundage   to   All panelists : Hello from Philly suburbs, formerly SMC

16:09:58 From  John Boland : Hello from the other side....  John Boland

16:10:00 From  Martin Tandler : Hi

16:10:15 From  Stephen Spitz : Is this the same Sam Brown who narrowly beat Ruthie Bauman for President of NSA in 1967?

16:10:17 From  Susan Oppenheimer   to   All panelists : Hello all. Hi Rennie - don’t think I’ve seen you since that night in New Orleans.  Susan

16:10:22 From  Eleni Gourgou : Hello from Ann Arbor, MI #2

16:10:26 From  Nancy Kurshan : Nancy Kurshan here. I wrote a piece on the film called I Was In The Room Where It Happened: One Woman’s Perspective. It’s online at

16:10:33 From  Sam Brown : Nope.  Lost to Ed Schwartz

16:10:39 From  Lee Perry : Best to all from Lee Perry

16:10:40 From  Martin Tandler : From New York and Madison Wisc. In the day. Power to the People!!!

16:10:47 From  Jackie Mulholland   to   All panelists : hello from Jackie Mulholland

16:10:55 From  Lee Perry : Los Angeles

16:11:01 From  Steve Sorkin : Sam Brown are you the Sam Brown who is an activist, former state treasurer of Colorado, and director of ACTION under Jimmy Carter?

16:11:05 From  Brewster Rhoads   to   Sam Brown and all panelists : Hi Sam... see you in Key West this winter.  Brewster Rhoads, Big Pine Key

16:11:08 From  John Bancroft : Rennie: the movie did not do you justice!

16:11:11 From  Sam Brown : Yep.

16:11:31 From  Alex Knopp : Thanks Terry, Alex

16:11:35 From  Jeremy Kagan   to   All panelists : glad to see Rennie long time since when we worked together on CONSPIRACY: THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 8 which I directed

16:11:36 From  Sam Brown : See you there Brewster.  Be there soon.

16:11:38 From  Jerry Rubin : Hi Everyone! It is a very good film. Tom Hayden spoke at our Activist Support Circle in Santa Monica just a few months before his passing. Strange, but I have the same name as Jerry Rubin and the same December 11 birthday as Tom Hayden. May they along with Dave and Abbie, and Bill and Lenny all rest in peace! Paul Krassner too!  Lets Do It! ….again!

16:11:39 From  Steve Sorkin : Long-Time fan! Good to “see” you!

16:11:45 From  Lee Perry : From Lee Perry Los Angeles.  All the best

16:11:46 From  Jim Russell : Hi to all from Portland, Oregon.

16:11:47 From  Marla Slavner : Hi @Jerry!

16:11:54 From  Stephen Spitz : Sorry Sam. It has only been 53 years but maybe Ruthie who as a student at the University of Michigan ran for something.

16:11:59 From  David Fenton : hi from David Fenton in New York

16:12:05 From  Josh Gould   to   All panelists : To Rennie:  This is Josh Gould and thanks for introducing me to Jeff Sharlett and Fred Gardner.  Two important names in the G.I, Movement. Don't forget about the Ft. Hood 43 43 Black G.I.s who refused to go to Chicago for riot control.

16:12:33 From  HENRY ROSENFELD : This Zoom needs subtitles for deaf revolutionaries!

16:12:52 From  Peter Laarman   to   All panelists : What a timely and terrific idea.

16:12:53 From  Toby Mamis : Hi David, Michelle and everyone from Toby Mamis in Park City

16:12:57 From  Glenn Silber : Congrats to the Chicago 7 Webinar. Glenn Silber, co-Director, “The War at Home”

16:13:04 From  Susan Schweik   to   All panelists : Yes! captions please!

16:13:09 From  David Hawk : Great to see and hear from Rennie after all these decades. Dave and Joan Hawk

16:13:23 From  Karin San Juan   to   All panelists : Hey Frank Rennie Nancy John…so amazing to be here with the Hanoi 9..karin

16:13:24 From  Marla Slavner : Absolutely, we have a war to fight for the environment.

16:13:42 From  Todd Gitlin   to   All panelists : Howdy, y’all, from Todd Gitlin in Hillsdale, NY.

16:13:47 From  Steve Ladd   to   All panelists : Here’s Nancy Kushner’s great article on the film -

16:14:11 From  ROBIN MENKEN   to   All panelists : hey great seeing y’all Robii Menken Mcdonald Formerly Mrs Country joe, and writer of FTA show

16:14:48 From  Matt Meyer : Matt Meyer, NYC, so happy to be here. Surely the movie is a fine contribution, but those of us still active in War Resisters, Fellowship of Reconciliation and International Peace Research Association, we are sad that Dave Dellinger was turned into his opposite. Glad that Rennie, you're speaking now to Jerry as well. His sweetie at that time, Nancy Kurshan, has an excellent new supportive piece on the movie, just published.

16:14:51 From  BAILEY BARASH : Thank goodness we have lots of lawyers putting the government on trial right now, for immigrants, small businesses, people of color and our Constitution.

16:14:52 From  Stephen Spitz : Hi Fran from San Francisco!

16:14:56 From  Nancy Kurshan   to   All panelists : I was Jerry’s girlfriend at the time. The movie was a dis of him. Terrible. So thank to Rennie for this. I’ve written a piece called I Was In The Room Where It Happened: One Woman’s Perspective. It’s on

16:15:13 From  Nancy Kurshan   to   All panelists : Jerry was brilliant.

16:15:15 From  Marla Slavner : LOL!

16:15:34 From  Lawrence Reichard   to   All panelists : If you’re a friend of Abbie Hoffman please check out my piece at  Just go there and do a search for Abbie.  Thanks.

16:15:40 From  murat   to   All panelists : Bobby Seale is not going to participant?

16:16:04 From  Eleni Gourgou : All: I just asked the organizers in the Q&A to turn on automatic Captions for people with hearing issues, hope they can do that. 

16:16:10 From  Lawrence Reichard   to   All panelists :, not

16:16:12 From  Sue McKevitt   to   All panelists : Thank you for continuing to say the Chicago 8!!

16:16:17 From  John McAuliff : You can find Nancy Kurshan's article and others in the resource list below the bios in the resource list

16:16:40 From  Cheryl Revkin   to   All panelists : Matt Meyer:  Where is Nancy Kurshan’s piece published?  Where can I read?

16:16:42 From  Art Eckstein   to   All panelists : It was great to see Rennie being so generous to Abbie and Jerry.

16:17:44 From  Jerry Rubin : Hi Marla Slavner and Henry Rosenfeld!

16:18:11 From  Karin San Juan : Bobby Seale subject to racist state violence, same as today

16:18:17 From  Marla Slavner : Good to see you @Jerry Rubin!

16:18:43 From  Jonathan Gale   to   All panelists : This is utterly appalling.

16:19:15 From  Mary Williams   to   All panelists : I wish he was not chuckling when talking about Bobby being brutalized.

16:19:23 From  Jerry Rubin : Yesterday was Bobby Seale’s 84th birthday! Happy belated birthday!

16:20:14 From  Madeline Fine : It’s time for a truly joyous and free birthday, right?  Definitely TIME

16:20:54 From  Stephen Spitz : Right! Pure defamation of David Dellinger who was a principled conscientious objector to World War II.

16:20:55 From  murat : Bobbys book ”sieze the time” was written from these time from

16:21:05 From  murat : prison

16:21:14 From  nancy cohen   to   All panelists : thank you for being there then and being here now

16:21:16 From  murat : or grabed

16:21:25 From  murat : with audio

16:21:28 From  Robert Rini   to   All panelists : Thanks, Rennie!

16:21:29 From  Beverly Naidus : Another movie needs to be made by a progressive Black team of creatives with a more accurate story.

16:22:26 From  murat   to   All panelists : this was the second movie made

16:22:35 From  Alex Knopp : Natasha and Michelle— my mother Honey Knopp was a close friend of Dave for many years.

16:22:37 From  Andy Spahn   to   All panelists : would love to hear more from Rennie!

16:23:46 From  joan wilson   to   All panelists : hi tasha and michelle.   so glad to be watching this.  joan (in croton)

16:23:59 From  Karin San Juan : I knew Honey Knopp too, as a child living in New England, hello @Alex

16:24:05 From  Bill HARTZOG : Dave was in jail for resisting WWII with my mentor Dr. Robert (Bob) Long.. Bill Hartzog

16:24:19 From  John McAuliff   to   Eleni Gourgou and all panelists : I can't see a way to do it when the webinar is taking place.

16:24:34 From  Alex Knopp : Thanks Karin! Alex

16:24:35 From  Hamilton Fish : Hello to all, from Lubec, ME

16:24:59 From  Stephen Spitz : To

16:25:00 From  Edward Hasbrouck   to   All panelists : I am eternally grateful to Dave Dellinger for his support when I was on trial for refusing to register for the draft in 1982.

16:25:01 From  Jim OBrien   to   All panelists : An honor to see Rennie reflect the dignity of those involved. It was a sham trial and because of these great men it resonated globally!  Thank you to all involved in that historic stand!

16:25:03 From  Robert Ross : Bill-- Hi. It's an amazing tale! 

16:25:05 From  Marjorie Fritz-Birch : A

16:25:13 From  Robert Ross : Bob Ross

16:25:22 From  Chris Richter   to   All panelists : Amen Natasha!

16:25:30 From  Richard Appelbaum   to   All panelists : Hi Bob!

16:25:38 From  Stephen Spitz : Your father was defamed by Aaron Sorkin!

16:25:40 From  Nancy Kurshan : Natasha, I want to send you my article about the movie.I remember you so well.

16:25:45 From  Peter Werbe   to   All panelists : A much better depiction of the trial is in the 1988 film "Conspiracy: The Trial of the Chicago 8" 

16:25:47 From  Bob Meola : Thank you,  Rennie for correcting the incorrect portrayal of Dave Dellinger.

16:25:52 From  Lubna Qureshi : Hello from Stockholm, Sweden!

16:26:02 From  Michael Turek   to   All panelists : Hello from Eureka California. Mike Turek USAF 1968-72. Peace

16:26:23 From  Dan Ellis   to   All panelists : I heard Dave describe what he did with Bobby... He put his body between Bobby and the marshalls.

16:26:31 From  Marilyn Katz   to   All panelists : you’re father was one of the finest people i i ever had the privilege of working with.

16:26:46 From  Bob Meola : Thank you,  Rennie for correcting the incorrect portrayal of Dave Dellinger.----Bob Meola 

16:26:58 From  Marjorie Fritz-Birch : I agree  The movie was a huge disappointment. So many inaccuracies and such a missed opportunity.  Our family lived in a police state while my Mother was sequestered for five months. I have curated an exhibit on my Mom and the trial  She kept  journal.

16:27:05 From  Hamilton Fish : Ham Fish, from Lubec - Rennie, thanks for that vivid depiction

16:27:06 From  Marla Slavner : Surveillance is even greater.

16:27:19 From  John McAuliff : The resource list includes other films.

16:27:24 From  Jerry Rubin : I was honored to have shared an interesting and enjoyable dinner with Dave in 1986 when he visited the 1,000+ marchers who were passing through Colorado on our L.A. -Wash. DC cross-country Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament.

16:27:27 From  Susan Reverby   to   All panelists : Thank you to Nancy Kurshan for your wonderful piece on the women.  I found the movie so frustrating but understand it will at least start others who weren’t there to start thinking.

16:27:30 From  Matt Meyer : So great to "meet" you, Michelle and Tasha, in this weird virtual time! I was close not only to your dad, but also to your mom...we spent time together late in their lives in Puerto Rico, with the independence movement there. ALSO, there are still a few at the old Eastern Parkway Brooklyn apartment building keeping up the work. AMEN to what you're saying about your dad, who went BEYOND Gandhi, to a 21st century-relevant revolutionary nonviolence. Blessings and love to you both!

16:27:30 From  Madeline Fine : So good to have the truth be told - thank you

16:27:32 From  Fran Ansley : Fran Ansley

16:27:59 From  Dan Ellis   to   All panelists : Nancy: So glad to see you here. Thanks for your great article. (I sent you an email along with Jeff about today.) cheers

16:28:05 From  Larry Magid   to   All panelists : So glad you folks are doing this. Renee hope you talk about People's Peace Treaty, which you and I both worked on. 

16:28:06 From  Marilyn Katz   to   All panelists : really important point.  we did believe we were on the eve of revolution - part of a world wide revolution and we did everything with hope and joy

16:28:11 From  Nancy Kurshan : Tasha, you are a beautiful tribute to your Dad. nancy

16:28:16 From  Chaz Austin   to   All panelists : Great job, Natasha!

16:28:46 From  Perry Fellwock   to   All panelists : great to hear from all of you.

16:28:49 From  Edward Hasbrouck   to   All panelists : Some self-defined anti-draft "leaders" told draft resisters of my generation -- as an earlier generation of movement elders had told Dave and his cohort -- that we should apply to be classified as conscientious objectors and assigned to alternative service. Dave spoem up in support of those of us who chose, has he had done, not to register for the draft at all.

16:28:55 From  Dan Ellis   to   All panelists : Dave’s autobiography: “From Yale to Jail”

16:28:59 From  Jeremy Kagan   to   All panelists : Check our CONSPIRACY:The Trial of the Chicago 8 on Amazon rime and Vimeo which is far closer to what happened and has the real defendants and lawyers integrated into the drama

16:29:45 From  ken brociner : yes Dave was a mentorand her0 to all of us

16:30:12 From  Jessica MacPhail   to   All panelists : Thank you for telling the truth about what the marshalls did to Bobby. That was traumatic, broke my trust in the system forever. I later hitched to Toronto to bring back copies of the Toronto Anti-Draft manual to Chicago.

16:30:19 From  Perry Fellwock   to   All panelists : from Perry Fellwock aka Winslow Peck.  Glad to hear from all of you.

16:30:43 From  ken brociner : me is stu ball

16:31:09 From  Nancy Kurshan : What wonderful daughters!

16:31:09 From  Giovanni Rodriguez : The film lit a spark. We can go further

16:31:20 From  Judith Hallett   to   All panelists : hi to Judy and hail to the gendered lens of historical critique!

16:31:34 From  Dana Ullman   to   All panelists : Is that the same Sam Brown who was at USC with my brother, Jeff Ullman, and my great friend, Steven Schmidt?

16:31:51 From  Stephen Spitz : Hello Sam Karp!

16:32:02 From  Marta Gara   to   All panelists : Thanks Michelle to trust in scholarship and research to show real sources to people. Me and other young scholars, we are trying to do this

16:32:09 From  Colleen Fuller   to   All panelists : That was very moving. My parents were tracked by the FBI during the Cold War and this testimony takes me back to when I was a child who, along with my siblings, were also aware of being followed by the FBI.

16:32:19 From  Toby Mamis : What Nancy said

16:32:24 From  Paul Mishler   to   All panelists : Tasha, wonderful story about Abbie. 

16:32:28 From  Jena Brune   to   All panelists : Much love from Minneapolis. -Shen Sundance

16:32:50 From  Bill HARTZOG : Another Dave Dellinger story:I had the honour to be with him,Staughton one a British friend from

16:32:59 From  Paul Mishler   to   All panelists : Thank you Rennie Davis, for making the assault on our beloved Bobby Seale central to the case. It was the most important & horrifying aspect of the entire trial. It was key for the jury; it successfully challenged them to transform their understanding of racism and the complete corruption of the entire criminal justice system. All praises to our comrade Bobby Seale, who at 84 years old continues in the struggle every day! Thank you Bobby Seale! As a young girl of 16-17 years old, your words and actions had a profound and life-lasting impact on me, as one individual, part of a collective movement.  And indeed, "The whole world was watching!" The assault on Bobby Seale was central to the trial & the entire People's Movement. This deserved all the minutes you gave it  and much more. Thank you Rennie Davis!   

16:33:13 From  Marla Slavner : I think it’s an important film to keep the message of democracy, peace and freedom at the forefront during these dangerous times we are living in.

16:33:19 From  Sam Karp : Hey Stephen! Still in Chicago?

16:33:20 From  John B. Krug : Chicago Seed Revisited FB group is in the House!! Right on!! :)!

16:33:28 From  C. Clark Kissinger   to   All panelists : Troy, I took the picture. I think I may still have the negative.

16:33:53 From  Bill HARTZOG : The anti nuclear campaign-we were the first to picket the Pentagon in 1965.  Bill Hartzog

16:34:10 From  Ellen Fred : I had the honor to have dinner to Tom Hayden in the late 90s. I wish I had better understood this history when I did. Thank you for this panel!

16:34:17 From  Stephen Spitz : No Sam. I live in Virginia near DC. You still in California?

16:34:21 From  David Cortright   to   All panelists : Thanks to all. Dave Dellinger was a mentor for all of us. He supported those of us who were soldiers speaking out against the war. Rennie too, who came to speak in El Paso for our GIs for Peace group at Ft. Bliss.

16:34:27 From  JOHN COLM   to   All panelists : Troy-are you familiar with your father's recommendations to Sorkin...some accepted, many not?

16:34:34 From  Tom Lees : Yes - the real personalities were stronger than the actors’ personalities.

16:34:45 From  Jack Kurzweil : Jack Kurzweil from Berkeley; I’ve had interesting conversations with people 30-40 years my junior about the movie.  I was critical for reasons that have been put on the table by panelists; they were appreciative of the movie because they had never known of the trial before.  For them, it was a revelation.  So I’m retreating from being grumpy, but I’m still standing up for historical truth.

16:34:52 From  Leni Wildflower : Leni Wildflower here for Paul Potter and his wonderful son, Jesse Potter, and wonderful grandson, Eli Potter.

16:34:55 From  Paul Mishler   to   All panelists : OMG, I can't believe how much Troy looks like Tom Hayden.

16:35:00 From  Giovanni Rodriguez : Yes

16:35:10 From  Tanya Shaffer : Thank you, Troy, for bringing up the absence of women in the film

16:35:15 From  Ellen Carlton : Sorkin can’t handle the truth

16:35:19 From  Giovanni Rodriguez : Women were more important

16:35:27 From  Julie Herrada : Hello Leni!

16:35:34 From  Nancy Kurshan : Hi Leni

16:35:41 From  Sam Karp : Stephen, yes still in CA. Why not?

16:35:46 From  Marilyn Katz   to   All panelists : Troy - good comments - talked to Sorkin and he wasn’t interested in truth or women :-)

16:35:47 From  Jorja Leap   to   All panelists : I had the honor to work with Tom on gang issues in LA. it’s great to see Troy carrying things forward in the next generation. grateful for what you’re saying about women.

16:35:52 From  Dan Jacobson   to   All panelists : Troy- Thank you - great point!

16:35:58 From  Ellen Fred : thank you Troy. 

16:35:59 From  JANE FONDA   to   All panelists : hi and love, Leni

16:36:07 From  John Bancroft : This movie was a terrible portrayal of your father.  It didn't show what a strong organizer his was, nor his wonderful sense of humor!

16:36:17 From  Margot Williams : Yes, Troy!

16:36:30 From  Karin San Juan : 4th anniversary of Tom’s death

16:36:35 From  JANE FONDA   to   All panelists : that was Fonda sending love to Leni

16:36:55 From  Art Eckstein   to   All panelists : A sad day, then.

16:36:57 From  Bill HARTZOG : What a worthy son!

16:36:57 From  Todd Gitlin : Jack, Thank you for standing up for historical truth.

16:37:00 From  Susie Shannon   to   All panelists : We all miss him so very much, Troy.

16:37:06 From  ROBERT KUTTNER : Special hello to Rennie, Sam Brown, David Hawk, David Finke. Nancy Kurshan

16:37:15 From  Jodie Evans : Thank you Troy for sharing about the women, and how it missed the depth of the defendants and missed what the whole story is.  Correct a missing of history. Thank you!!!

16:37:26 From  David Cortright   to   All panelists : Yes, our task is not only to make history but to write the history of our movement. That's why we created VPCC.

16:37:27 From  Marla Painter : Mark (Rudd) and I felt that Tom was a complex person with many layers and the film completely minimized his depth and his fine mind.  Very disappointing.  Same with Dave Dellinger.  And yes, where were the women in the film?!  Inadequate. Just hope some young people watch it. Yet, all of these people are deeply missed right now.

16:37:28 From  Susan Reverby   to   All panelists : Thank you Troy for this important comment on history.

16:37:51 From  Lori Nafshun : Thanks Troy for daylighting the marginalization of women within the film.

16:38:02 From  Norman Stockwell   to   All panelists : Troy - I thought the film really sold short your father’s civil rights work, too. Here is the piece I wrote for The Progressive on his passing: <>

16:38:08 From  Steve Sorkin : It is very cool to see so many names I know here— Sam Brown, Todd Gitlin, Robert Kuttner— thank you for your work and for joining us here!

16:38:12 From  David H. Finke   to   All panelists : Bob Kuttner: I thin we can detect an Oberlin connection here, heyi?

16:38:46 From  Emma Taylor   to   All panelists : if you haven’t read Tom’s Hell No the Forgotten Power of the Vietnam Peace Movement you should!!

16:38:53 From  Barbara Williams   to   All panelists : Tom would be so happy to see all of these dear people gathered today  xo

16:39:00 From  Torie Osborn   to   All panelists : Troy

16:39:10 From  Adam Cooper   to   All panelists : Is there a film on the Chicago 7/8 trial that folks recommend as more spiritually true and historically accurate?

16:39:13 From  PAMELA Alessandrelli   to   All panelists : Make Good Trouble

16:39:16 From  Colonel Wright   to   All panelists : Veterans for Peace sponsored the peace view of the 50 year anniversary of the war on Viet Nam—called Full Disclosure.

16:39:21 From  Adam Cooper : Is there a film on the Chicago 7/8 trial that folks recommend as more spiritually true and historically accurate?

16:39:25 From  JANE FONDA   to   All panelists : Right on, Troy!!! So proud of you and Tom would be so proud of what you are saying! x Mom

16:39:29 From  Marcia Suttenberg   to   All panelists : hi from Portland

16:39:36 From  Jessica Epstein   to   All panelists : Steal This Movie, Troy plays Tom

16:39:49 From  hellan dowden   to   All panelists : I was an unindicted conspirator.  Abby used to tell this story about Tom as playing the role of Lenin. A group is marching do

16:39:49 From  Randy Ross   to   All panelists : I feel like I learned about strategic decision-making from Tom and Dave especially. I knew Tom in Berkeley first. CHOOSING the tactic appropriate to the event or time is enacting strategy for progressive change. Learned that from Mme Binh as well!

16:39:57 From  Colonel Wright : Veterans for Peace sponsored the peace view of the 50 year anniversary of the war on Viet Nam—called Full Disclosure.

16:40:02 From  Marcia Suttenberg   to   All panelists : I see Tom in uour face Troy

16:40:09 From  Jessica Epstein   to   All panelists :

16:40:11 From  Edward Hasbrouck   to   All panelists : Another new film reclaiming the history of resistance to the US war in Indochina (this one produced by, and more closely expressing the perspective of, the resisters): "The Boys Who Said No!". Important film despite the sexist title: - David Harris has long shared the desire of Tom Hayden and others to reclaim their history.

16:40:22 From  Lori Nafshun : May Tom’s memory always be a blessing.

16:40:24 From  Marcus Dalzine   to   All panelists : 1987 Trial of the Chicago 8

16:40:25 From  Paul Mishler   to   All panelists : Troy, Wonderful-your dad was not treated well in the film.

16:40:26 From  Torie Osborn   to   All panelists : Your dad would be so proud. Your mind and heart have his suppleness and brilliance. Thank you.  Loved Tom. xx

16:40:35 From  Rabbi David Cooper : Hpe about “Conspiracy: Trial of the Chicago 8”?

16:40:40 From  Chris Richter   to   All panelists : There are many documentaries not movies, an important distinction I believe in this time of “fake news’.

16:40:41 From  HENRY ROSENFELD : AMEN!

16:40:41 From  Randy Ross   to   All panelists : Thank you Troy!

16:40:45 From  Paul Mishler   to   All panelists : The film WAS completely male dominated.  Such a distortion. Women were almost completely invisible. Totally not true! Women were central, not just now but back in 1968. The Women's Liberation Movement was bubbling up all over the country. Women had been central to all left organizing in the New Left, as they were in the so-called Old Left - which also requires a dusting off and celebration. 

16:40:47 From  Matt Meyer : "The Conspiracy" has each of the 8, plus Knustler and Wineglass, speaking for themselves (in the late 1980's), alongside dramatized versions

16:40:52 From  Andy Spahn   to   All panelists : thanks Troy for a smart and moving presentation!

16:40:59 From  Naomi Price   to   All panelists : The apple doesn’t fall far, does it? Thank you, Troy.

16:40:59 From  Karin San Juan : Rennie is very centered and humble! Go Hanoi 9!

16:41:15 From  Stephen Spitz : So sorry that today’s the anniversary of Tom Hayden’s passing.

16:41:16 From  Mark Ellam   to   All panelists : Spiritually? Chicago 10?

16:41:25 From  Louise Yelin : Hi Gumbo!

16:41:25 From  Barbara Myers : Where can we find “the Conspiracy?”

16:41:35 From  Karin San Juan : Vietnamese won the war.

16:41:48 From  Karin San Juan : if a war can be “won"

16:41:50 From  Randy Ross   to   All panelists : SO important Frank!

16:41:51 From  Jeremy Kagan : CONSPIRACY is on Amazon Prime and Vimeo

16:41:54 From  Rick Hind   to   All panelists : Troy, How did you feel about the portrayal of your dad in the film?

16:41:57 From  Barbara Myers : thx

16:41:58 From  Martha Biondi : Check out “The Chicago 10” made in 2007. Animated documentary based on trial transcript. Powerful and creative

16:41:58 From  Perry Fellwock : From Perry Fellwock aka Winslow Peck.  Glad to see you Judy and Rennie are still kicking.  You an Dave were my mentors and heros.  Don't know why my name is not showing as From.  I'm new to zoom.  

16:42:03 From  Edward Hasbrouck : For those interested in the *unindicted* conspirators, I've posted some info about Eric Weinberger: 

16:42:12 From  Rabbi David Cooper : Conspiracy on Prime

16:42:23 From  Gwendolyn Simmons : Hey Matt Meyer! How are you? Contact me directly!

16:42:51 From  Shirley Tomczaak   to   All panelists : Thank you, Troy.  Your father speaks through you!  Shine on!

16:43:04 From  Tom D'Antoni   to   All panelists : I was the publisher of the underground paper in Baltimore. I'm still a Yippie too.

16:43:04 From  Ellen Stone   to   All panelists : yeah Yippies!

16:43:24 From  Marla Slavner : It’s not a pure documentary - it’s for Netflix, entertainment and to engage a wider

16:43:25 From  Lola Cohen : Missing Stew Albert and Paul Krassner right now.

16:43:26 From  Marla Slavner : audience

16:43:31 From  hellan dowden   to   All panelists : sorry- teeling a story @ Tom and abby- Abby thought of Tom as lenin.  He would tell the story of time being in his garrot-writing a tretiste hearing a crowd coming down the street- he would run down the stairs go to the head of the crowd and scrowdcrowd and tell them I woiuld

16:43:34 From  Sarah Pillsbury : Natasha and Michelle, I got to know your Dad when he was putting together Seven Days. Loved him and Tom. It was hard to watch and when they had your Dad’s character throw that punch, I had to leave. Came today for Troy and hear his thoughts. Eddie Redmayne was far too sober and lacked Tom’s warmth and wit. So glad to have had the chance to hear from you. Thanks, Sarah Pillsbury, Venice, CA

16:43:45 From  Jessica Epstein   to   All panelists : Learn about Judy!

16:43:51 From  Edward Hasbrouck : I am eternally grateful to Dave Dellinger for his support when I was on trial for refusing to register for the draft in 1982.  Some self-defined anti-draft "leaders" told draft resisters of my generation -- as an earlier generation of movement elders had told Dave and his cohort -- that we should apply to be classified as conscientious objectors and assigned to alternative service. Dave spoem up in support of those of us who chose, has he had done, not to register for the draft at all. Another new film reclaiming the history of resistance to the US war in Indochina (this one produced by, and more closely expressing the perspective of, the resisters): "The Boys Who Said No!". Important film despite the sexist title: - David Harris has long shared the desire of Tom Hayden and others to reclaim their history. 

16:44:10 From  hellan dowden   to   All panelists : and say I will lead you!

16:44:20 From  Jessica Epstein : Learn about Judy!

16:44:22 From  Marla Slavner : Agree - my GenZ daughter was riveted by it

16:44:35 From  Silvia Beltran   to   All panelists : My experience with Tom came much later.  As a Salvadoran refugee and a child a war coming to the United States and living in CA illegally was very traumatic, meeting Tom and getting to work with him as part of his staff gave me so much hope and restored my faith in humanity.  When I think of solidarity, I see his face.  He is greatly missed by so many of us, and for sure he is greatly missed by all of us at Homies Unidos.

16:44:35 From  Dan Ellis   to   All panelists : Please be sure to save the chat and Q & A.

16:44:40 From  ROBERT KUTTNER : The movie would have been just as dramatically powerful if Sorkin hadn’t invented so many details.

16:44:46 From  Jessica Epstein : Learn about Stew Albert -

16:44:52 From  Stephen Spitz : Tom Hayden told me that Heath Ledger was going to play Tom. Unfortunately, Heath died. Tom

16:45:08 From  Jessica Epstein : Watch Steal This Movie where Troy Plays Tom -

16:45:12 From  Dana Ullman   to   All panelists : A much more accurate movie about the Chicago 8 trial was made by USC professor of film, Jeremy Kagan.  I highly recommend it:

16:45:13 From  Stephen Spitz : was unfairly portrayed in the movie.

16:45:45 From  Judith Rubenstein   to   All panelists : Judith Rubenstein, Troy, I worked with Jane and Tom on the indoChina Peace Campaign and lived near you in Ocean Park, and continued my relationship with them when you were little. It’s so great to see you now. Your father was a brilliant organizer and thinker. I lived with Len Weinglass for many years in Newark when your dad was organizer there. I will keep Tom and Len in my heart today.

16:45:50 From  Joseph Wolf   to   All panelists : Sending love to Jessica Epstein!

16:45:58 From  felicia marcus : Troy—thank you for both reflecting on Tom and on making the point about how young people can change the world and are.  Tom went on to be a leader and change the world on so many issues, education, worker rights, environment, economics, etc., and inspired and supported waves of us to make a difference.  You know how proud of you he was, listening brought tears to my eyes thinking of how he’d be bursting with pride to watch you.

16:45:59 From  Perry Fellwock : From Perry Fellwock.  Missing Stew, Dave, Ellen Ray, Bill Schaap, Coca Chrystal and so many more.

16:46:01 From  Karin San Juan : Judy Gumbo, Rennie, Nancy, John, and Frank wrote about the antiwar movement here

16:46:03 From  Karin San Juan :

16:46:03 From  Margot Williams : I knew Pigasus!!

16:46:24 From  Todd Gitlin : The murder of Mark Clark and Fred Hampton should be retold, retold, retold.

16:46:39 From  ROBIN MENKEN : are Bob Scheer and Ann Weils here?

16:47:08 From  Madeline Fine : The hog farm fed us at Woodstock!  Angels they were

16:47:17 From  Harold Jacobs : Glad to be among so many comrades.

16:47:22 From  Gary Gordon   to   All panelists : Hello, Robin Menken.  Miss you.

16:47:24 From  Todd Gitlin : How weird to see a post going up under my name which (though I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment) I didn’t post on the chat.

16:48:00 From  Marcus Dalzine   to   All panelists : I would have liked to see a post-script about my grandfather, David Dellinger, which set forth how he spent the rest of his long life continuing to stand up for peace and change.  This was just one of my many issues with this film.  Tania Horton (Natasha’s daughter).

16:48:08 From  Matt Meyer : Brilliant, dialectic, strategic summary, Judy! We can be critical AND corrective AND supportive of this "major motion picture"...and teach the addition lessons we have using the movie and all the conversations it is sparking. Yippie!

16:48:42 From  Karin San Juan : Gumbo—you are not Gloria Steinem!

16:48:55 From  Josh Gould   to   All panelists : Remember the Ft. Hood 43.  43 Black G.I. who refused to go to Chicago for riot duty.

16:49:04 From  Tom D'Antoni   to   All panelists : We got those at HARRY in Baltimore

16:49:05 From  Madeline Fine : Move this worlds Gumbo!

16:49:08 From  Perry Fellwock : From Perry Fellwock.  Miss Bill Kunstler and Tom Hayden very much also.

16:49:18 From  Susan Rutberg   to   All panelists : I am so appreciative of every person on this panel and also those (like Nancy Kurshan) who have written about it, filling in some of the missing history.. Thank you especially to Judy Gumbo!

16:49:38 From  Al Glatkowski : Good to see you Judy Gumbo ~ really enjoyed you article and so glad to hear what you have to say.

16:50:05 From  Ahavia Scheindlin : From: Ahavia (Havi ) Scheindlin

16:50:21 From  Constance Brown : Hello from Connie Brown and Nick Egleson

16:50:23 From  Norma J F Harrison : I am a candidate for Berkeley school board.  School is the opposite of education.  We need us all to be and do together, not age segregated.  The 8 hr day is our Owners' device - totally unnecessary. Separation of learning content by what our Owners have created as commodities - history science art - although life is integrated, is destructive to our thinking and study.  a study to release us from our confinement  Pronouncing anyone as 'failed' has never to happen again.  1 510 526 3968

16:50:25 From  Lola Cohen : Gumbo….your politics have never changed!

16:50:27 From  Ahavia Scheindlin : As someone who wasn’t a part of any of this, I was

16:50:31 From  Ellen Fred : Inspiring, Judy! Thank you. 

16:50:37 From  Jessica Epstein : Great job momma!

16:50:37 From  ROBIN MENKEN : RIGHT on Siser! JUdy you rock

16:50:47 From  Susan Reverby   to   All panelists : Judy, that was great!  Can’t wait to read your autobiography.

16:50:47 From  Larry Magid   to   All panelists : Judy. Good to see you. I remember you from People's Park.

16:50:57 From  Roxanne Schwartz : Well said, Judy!

16:51:01 From  Clara Bingham   to   All panelists : Go Judy!!

16:51:04 From  Marla Slavner : You are so inspiring. I’d love to introduce you to my daughter -

16:51:05 From  Stella Resnick : Hi Lola! So glad you’re here.

16:51:05 From  Jack Malinowski   to   All panelists : Brilliant, Judy.  Thank you.

16:51:07 From  Marla Painter : Thank you Judy.  Well described!  Hope you are doing well.  Greetings from us in Albuquerque.

16:51:38 From  Corinna Fales   to   All panelists : hello to all from Corinna  Fales

16:51:40 From  Madeline Fine : Fabulous visual !

16:51:47 From  Marcia Suttenberg   to   All panelists : yes Judy!  good words - I feel Stew with you

16:52:01 From  Stella Resnick : Beautiful talk, Judy.  I’m looking forward to your talking about the Panthers.

16:52:13 From  Ahavia Scheindlin : I was moved by the film and therefore so grateful to hear all of these memories and comments. Troy is is so powerful to be here listening to all of this on the anniversary of Tom’s death.  Thank you for inviting me.

16:52:19 From  Ahavia Scheindlin : Havi

16:52:20 From  Dean Blobaum   to   All panelists : Fort Hood 43.  So relevant to Chicago 68

16:52:28 From  Eleanor Stein : From Eleanor Stein and Jeff Jones, upstate New York. So important that Fred Hampton appeared in the trial and that his assassination played such an important role in the film - this story must be told to people today.

16:52:37 From  Art Eckstein   to   All panelists : Bravo, Judy!  The role of soldiers in the anti-war movement:  exactly so!

16:52:39 From  Robert Rini : Thanks, Judy.  

16:52:40 From  Thea Paneth : Sir! No Sir! excellent documentary made in 2000’s…

16:52:45 From  Alice Embree   to   All panelists : Sir! No, Sir! is a great documentary about GI resistance.

16:53:01 From  Lola Cohen : STELLA

16:53:03 From  Molly Martin   to   All panelists : See the film the boys who said no

16:53:06 From  David Cortright   to   All panelists : Yes, Andrew was one of the great GI organizers. See the new book, Waging Peace in Vietnam: Soldiers and Veterans Who Opposed the War, for the full story of the GI resistance.

16:53:06 From  Jeanne Friedman : Thank you Aislinn!

16:53:13 From  ROBIN MENKEN : shout out to any Blue Fairyland veterans

16:53:34 From  Glenn Silber : For the story of GIs who organized against the Vietnam War, see David Zeiger’s great documentary, “Sir, No Sir!”

16:53:41 From  Sandy Brown   to   All panelists : Wonderful to see Troy and a big thank you for bringing women to the forefront.  Let’s keep the energy strong and alive.  We need it more than ever!

16:53:42 From  Frances Schreiberg : Stephen Spitz + Sam Karp - hello back (too many comments and unable to figure out how to send a private note back) -- had no idea that the 2 of you knew each other - small world

16:53:44 From  Merriam Ansara   to   All panelists : For many reasons, I missed most of the anti war movement.  I did however work for the Voice of Vietnam through Radio Havana Cuba from 1972 through 1974. It was horrifying and exhausting to report the war from the perspective of the Vietnamese people and soldiers.  I did have the great great honor of announcing the Paris Peace Agreement to the Western World in 1973 when the U.S. was determined to keep the world ignorant as long as possible the fact that they had been forced to in effect to surrender.  I reunited last year in Hanoi with my Vietnamese comrades from those years and wrote to them now to advise them of this webinar. Perhaps they've been able to tune in.  I did very much appreciate the film, flawed as it is, as for someone like me who was not there but who considers herself clear eyed, it was an important documentation.  I very much appreciated the way the film was clear about the treatment of Bobby Seale and Fred Hampton, esp as my own first political work in the U.S. was with the Panther Defense. 

16:53:48 From  Nicole Gotthelf   to   All panelists : Hi Glenn1

16:53:49 From  Jerry Rubin : Can one or more of the panelists please talk about the late Paul Krassner and his involvement.

16:54:00 From  Stephanie Rugoff : What do folks think of an earlier animated film,"Chicago 10"?  I've been surprised that there has been no mention of this in any reviews.

16:54:05 From  Marty Blatt   to   All panelists : That story of Black GI resistance is told in the book Waging Peace in Vietnam - U.S. Soldiers and Veterans Who Opposed the War, ed. by Ron Carver, David Cortright and Barbara Doherty

16:54:35 From  Perry Fellwock : From Perry Fellwock.  Judy you always inspired me from the day you taught me how to resist criminal grand juries while we were forcing Tricky Dick out of San Diego.  And Stew was like a rabbi to me in later struggles.  

16:54:41 From  Marla Slavner : The money is bigger the stakes are higher

16:54:50 From  ROBIN MENKEN : Chicago 10 is  wonderful inventive and truthful

16:54:52 From  Jeremy Kagan : the New York Times does mention the Chicago 10 very positively as well as my movie CONSPIRACY: The Trial of the Chicago 8

16:54:52 From  William Ayers : Yes, Aislin! Critical history,

16:54:58 From  Nancy Kurshan : Yes, definitely an increase in the militarization. thank you for pointing that out.

16:54:58 From  Bill Galvin : thank you Aislinn for lifting up GI resistance. The GI Rights Hotline can assist current military resisters. 877-447-4487

16:55:11 From  Tom Lees   to   All panelists : I believe there was an active branch of the Klan in CPD in 1968

16:55:12 From  Sam Karp : Franny, Stephen and I know each other from the legal services community and HandsNet

16:55:29 From  Toby Mamis : Stephanie, I saw “Chicago 10” when it premiered here at the Sundance Film Festival and I thought the animated characterizations were pretty well done

16:55:33 From  David Cortright   to   All panelists : Thank you, Aislinn, for calling out the militarization of the police, and of our society in general.

16:55:33 From  nancy cohen   to   All panelists : abbie says to my question Who would you like to play you?He answers What kind of question is that? Why not ask me if the film is going to say any goddam thing or not?  I think from what you are all saying is that the film, though flawed, did succeed in saying something...and at the right time. yes? no?

16:55:34 From  Nicole Gotthelf : Hi Glenn Silber!

16:55:40 From  Xochitl Arellano   to   All panelists : muchas gracias to all - viva La Paz

16:55:44 From  Glenn Silber : Back at ya!

16:55:48 From  John Bancroft : Those of us working in the GI movement were assigned to stand between the 81st airborne troops sent by LBJ and the demonstrators to shout "we're all on the same side!"  But it turned out to not be a good setting for political education.

16:56:00 From  Gary Gordon : The Chicago 10 film is excellent.  It's not just animation.  Lots of historical footage.  Rennie posted about it on Facebook.  Also, I think there was a film of the FTA tour and Robin Menken is viewing this so she can comment on that.

16:56:07 From  Karin San Juan : Chicago 10 NPR review

16:56:08 From  Karin San Juan :

16:56:11 From  Scott Bennett   to   All panelists : For GI resistance, see also David Cortright, Soldiers in Revolt

16:56:12 From  Michael Turek   to   All panelists : Thank you for mentioning the GI Anti-War Movement. I demonstrated against the War and Militarism with 70 other active duty GIs on Oahu, Hawaii May 1971. My story and others can be found at COURAGE TO RESIST Podcast. Veteran for Peace Mike Turek

16:56:22 From  Abe Peck   to   All panelists : Piece on previous Chi 7/8/10 movies in Wednesday’s NY Times.

16:56:23 From  GEORGIA WEVER   to   All panelists : What is the title of the Spike Lee film?

16:56:30 From  Joanne Pohl   to   All panelists : I was moved by the film AND by this discussion! My husband and I were part of the resistance in New Haven, CT. When in Vietnam a few years ago, it was interesting to note that many of the Vietnamese called this was the "American war in Vietnam", and I found that a profound and critical  way to talk about this war. 

16:56:39 From  Stephen Spitz : No Sam. I know Fran Schreiber through my good late friend Art Wulf.

16:56:47 From  Glenn Silber : David Zeiger is now the distributor of FTA which was recently restored to 4K by IndieCollect in NYC

16:56:50 From  Jim Barton : There was also a 1987 TV (cable?) film on the Chicago 8/7, which featured interviews with all defendants, as well as Kunstler & Weinglass. It is on Amazon Prime, at the least.

16:57:11 From  Jack Malinowski   to   All panelists : Terrific conclusion to this panel.  Thank you, Aislinn  - jack malinowski

16:57:13 From  Abe Peck : Piece on previous Chicago 7/8/10 movies in Wednesday’s NY Times.

16:57:22 From  Sue Udry : Yes Aislinn!! We're building a resource hub to collect tactics and advice on keeping safe during protests... will go live at next week. It will be a wiki so people can upload resources to keep each other safe.

16:57:42 From  Lincoln Cushing   to   All panelists : Thanks for this, love the dialogue.

16:57:42 From  Perry Fellwock : From Perry Fellwock.  Can anyone comment on the critical role the alternative press played in the anti-war movement.  We sure need a widespread alternative media today.

16:57:43 From  Jeremy Kagan : I made that film for HBO in 1987  - CONSPIRACY: The Trial of the Chicago 8 which is on Amazon Prime and Vimeo

16:57:45 From  Al Glatkowski : Also those of us who made the decision (while in Vietnam) to say “No More!” and made the choice to do what we could to stop it or hurt the military’s role. Thank you for speaking about this, Aislinn.  Additionally, some may want to check out the Veterans For Peace website ( and the Full Disclosure Project. It may offer a bit of insight into what some Vets were doing. #AllPowerToThePeople!

16:57:47 From  Jane Barton : Troi --as in Troy--eerie to watch you. So many of your mannerisms are so like your father. Miss him. Keep up the good work.

16:57:54 From  Noah Stein   to   All panelists : great point. the young and green believe their the first being dealt these blows and that only black folks were dealt with as subhuman. Chicago April and August '68, Kent State, etc.

16:58:00 From  Elizabeth Lee   to   All panelists : Leonard Pellets is still in jail for for his activities in AIM

16:58:07 From  Robert Rini : Yes, Aislinn!  

16:58:14 From  Elizabeth Lee   to   All panelists : Pelletier

16:58:22 From  ROBIN MENKEN : Sandra Shulberg ( Budd’s neice) has. acompany Idei Collect which just retsored The FTA film

16:58:25 From  Glenn Silber : “The War at Home” has also just been re-released and is Now Streaming on Amazon Prime, YouTube and other platforms.

16:58:42 From  Matt Meyer : FANTASTIC to bring Albert Woodfox and STILL IMPRISONED Panthers and others. For more information on the movements for Clemancy and Freedon for elder, political prisoners, see:

16:58:48 From  carole cullum   to   All panelists : We also need to acknowledge and celebrate the role of the resistors, and VVAW - Viet Nam Veterans against the War

16:58:59 From  Martin Tandler : Hi Glenn

16:59:16 From  Nancy Kurshan : Amen to Aislinn.

16:59:17 From  Norma J F Harrison : to get an acceptable clarifying discussion of what we 'have', see 'Revenge Capitalism' by Max Haiven.  Almost all our explanations/analyses fall short of supplying analysis of the structure - the millennia old structure by which our Owners control us, and by which we control ourselves-us all.

16:59:18 From  William Ayers : Role of GIs; Ft Jackson 8; brutality of CPD;domestic army; political prisoners today; Alfred Woodbox; the State and violence and racalized violence—connections!

16:59:19 From  Glenn Silber : Glad you’re watching…this is great

16:59:21 From  Ellen Fred : Yes, so important. Thank you Aislinn.

16:59:22 From  Matt Meyer : In NYS, see:

16:59:23 From  Norman Stockwell : Per an earlier chat message, here are some words from Paul Krassner re: 1968 - <>

16:59:23 From  Stephen Spitz : Great to hear everyone. This is a wonderful idea.

16:59:39 From  Andy Spahn : Leonard Peltier in prison for more than 40 years now!!

16:59:42 From  Bill Yahraus   to   All panelists : Good to hear, Glenn

17:00:08 From  Corinna Fales : Hello to all and to Sam Karp

17:00:09 From  Norma J F Harrison : Leonard - que viva!

17:00:13 From  Jane Barton : Lets also acknowledge how the Vietnamese told us that their enemy was only the US govt--not the US people. This position led to an important bond. 

17:00:14 From  Colleen Fuller   to   All panelists : This film with Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland, Len Chandler, Holly Near and others is about the work done with American soldiers posted to Vietnam:

17:00:41 From  Art Eckstein   to   All panelists : Jane Barton is totally right.

17:00:50 From  JOHN COLM : This was a good read:  Students for a Democratic Society: A Graphic History Hardcover – January 8, 2008

by Harvey Pekar  (Author), Paul Buhle  (Editor), Gary Dumm (Illustrator)

17:00:52 From  Ronald Mendel   to   All panelists : I was one of the anti-war activists who was hosted  by a black church in Chicago at the time. In conversations with the Blackstone Rangers,  a  community group, we were warned about the Chicago police's  gestapo tactics. 

17:01:01 From  Sam Karp : Corinna! It’s been so long. All the way back to the Fort Dix Coffeehouse.

17:01:06 From  Karin San Juan : Vietnamese very skilled in diplomacy then and now

17:01:16 From  Art Eckstein : Jane Barton is totally right.

17:01:19 From  Eleanor Stein : Thank you, Aislinn, for calling out resisters from that era who remain in prison - as well as brutal treatment of today’s fighters.  David Gilbert, lifelong anti-racist activist, now 76 years old, has been in prison in New York State for 39 years.

17:01:23 From  Terry Murray : in the summer of 1968 I was a 14 year old on the South Side with a brand new first aid certificate. On the night of the 28th of Aug I called the Conrad Hilton to offer my services. Switchboard operator declined - and then said they should let the hippie Commies bleed. I got very involved when I was in high school, mostly working with the Chicago 15 - and got myself a Red Squad file, as did my parents.

17:01:34 From  Gail Stern   to   All panelists : The documentary ‘The Boys Who Said NO!’ about the draft resistance during the Vietnam War can be seen on the Closing Night of the United Nations Film Festival anytime on Sunday, October 25 in California only. Purchase ticket at  The film opened the Mill Valley Film Festival earlier this month. It won the Audience Favorite Award and sold more tickets than any other films at the Festival. Additionally, at 6pm PT, Joan Baez will be presented with the UNAFF Visionary Award; this is free to view worldwide—you must preregister.

17:01:45 From  Larry Magid : So important to hear from Aislinn. The struggle continues

17:01:49 From  ROBIN MENKEN   to   All panelists : Troy< when yoru mom was staying with em and Joe ( Coubntry Joe0 to work on FTA show, she joined Blue Faiyland School ( a collectively parent run preschool where parents taught)and thats how she got together with your dad. Bob Scheer and Ann Weills were also involved as were many ,many others

17:01:56 From  William Ayers : Thank you Aislinn, a Chicago leader and treasure! Teach.

17:01:59 From  Laurie Frost : Recommended:  PBS American Masters “Two Days in October.”  Based on David Maraniss’s book “They Marched Into Sunlight.”

17:02:59 From  ROBIN MENKEN   to   All panelists : excuse typos Im legally blind

17:03:30 From  Judith Hallett   to   All panelists : bravissima, Judy! were you the only Canadian/non-US citizen engaged in these efforts? how did your resident alien status affect your involvement, treatment and perceptions?

17:03:37 From  Jeanne Friedman : Webinar better by far than the movie.

17:03:37 From  Jim Barton : Who is current speaker?

17:03:41 From  murat : BLM is not the panthers, it is totatlly diffrent people

17:03:53 From  Susan Reverby   to   All panelists : Frank Joyce

17:04:07 From  murat : BLM leadership is middle class intelactuals

17:04:10 From  Marcus Dalzine   to   All panelists : Thank you, Aislinn!

17:04:12 From  Karin San Juan : FRANK JOYCE from Detroit, coeditor of THE PEOPLE MAKE THE PEACE: lessons from the Vietnam antiwar movement

17:04:29 From  Leni Wildflower : Frank Joyce....a wonderful, skilful, and deeply human activist!!!   xxxxxx

17:04:47 From  Chris Richter   to   All panelists : Absolutely!

17:05:02 From  Roxanne Schwartz : for bios:

17:05:15 From  carole cullum : Leni Wildflolwer, how are you?  how wonderful to see you here

17:05:15 From  Nelson Bonner   to   All panelists : Hello Frank from a fellow People Against Racism alumn.

17:05:21 From  Richard Feldman   to   All panelists : thank you all for bringing forth the history and its relationship to our work, spirit and commitment totoday's revolutionary moment.

17:05:26 From  Dan Ellis   to   All panelists : Want to hear it now!

17:05:29 From  Terry Provance   to   John McAuliff(Privately) : when i start to talk about VPCC please put up the poster

17:05:35 From  David Fenton   to   All panelists : I was there when Frank jumped over several courtroom seat rows and landed right on a Federal Marshall who was pushing Bobby Seale in his chair. Bravo Fred!

17:05:43 From  Joel shufro   to   All panelists : Hi Roxanne!

17:05:53 From  Michael Turek   to   All panelists : For more on the GI Anti-War Movement see the documentary "Sir! No Sir!" available on You Tube. FTA! Mike Turek

17:05:54 From  David Fenton : I was there when Frank jumped over several courtroom seat rows and landed right on a Federal Marshall who was pushing Bobby Seale in his chair. Bravo Fred!

17:05:59 From  Nancy Kurshan : Go Frank!

17:06:04 From  Leni Wildflower : Fine, dear me:  leniwildflowerconsulting: you!  How great to connect!!!!!!

17:06:06 From  Al Glatkowski : Totally correct Frank Joyce! Thank you for stating the fact!

17:06:10 From  Randy Ross : So glad you are telling the truth about Fred Hampton and Mark Clark

17:06:19 From  Peter Laarman : You go, Frank - I’m really glad for these correctives.

17:06:33 From  Abe Peck : Amen, Frank. A liberal paint job.

17:06:33 From  Jeremy Kagan : The portrayal of David Dellinger played by Peter Boyle is far more accurately presented and his commitment to non-violence is part of the move I made - CONSPIRACY: The Trial of the Chicago8 and David is in the movie himself.  On Amazon and Vimeo = and the war is part of that movie and the violence of the state and the courage of the defendants.

17:06:34 From  Robert Rini : Yes, Frank!

17:06:34 From  Susan Reverby   to   All panelists : Thank you Frank. This is wonderful.

17:06:37 From  Paul Lauter : Thank you Aislinn for drawing together the movement of the 60s and today.  And for particularly raising the importance of the GI movement.  This discussion is part of the on-going movement for change

17:06:41 From  Gail Stern : The documentary ‘The Boys Who Said NO!’ about the draft resistance during the Vietnam War can be seen on the Closing Night of the United Nations Film Festival anytime on Sunday, October 25 in California only. Purchase ticket at  The film opened the Mill Valley Film Festival earlier this month. It won the Audience Favorite Award and sold more tickets than any other films at the Festival. Additionally, at 6pm PT, Joan Baez The documentary ‘The Boys Who Said NO!’ about the draft resistance during the Vietnam War can be seen on the Closing Night of the United Nations Film Festival anytime on Sunday, October 25 in California only.Purchase ticket at   The film opened the Mill Valley Film Festival earlier the month. It won the Audience Favorite Award and sold more tickets than any other films at the Festival.Additionall, at 6pm PT, Joan Baez will be presented with the UNAFF Visionary Award; this is free to view worldwide—you must preregister.

17:06:49 From  Al Glatkowski : Yes! Thank you Frank!

17:06:51 From  Stewart Shevin   to   All panelists : Bravo Frank. Drop the mic on that shit!

17:06:53 From  Sue McKevitt   to   All panelists : Thank you!! Sorkin could have mentioned the Rainbow Coalition that Fred did which was exactly why he was deemed so dangerous and thus had to be eliminated.

17:06:56 From  David H. Finke   to   All panelists : I was privileged on many an evening to share a ride home on the train (the "Illinois Central"/I.C.) with Tom Hayden. The office of American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) where I worked was a block from the trial, and Tom was staying a block from our home (University and Hyde Pk. Bldg.) He and I went back to when we were both undergraduates: I at Oberlin, he at U.Mich. Bob Kuttner got to hear him when I invited him to talk to our dorm on the way back from being beat up in Mississippi.

17:07:05 From  Jack Malinowski   to   All panelists : Powerful testimony from Frank - jack malinowski

17:07:10 From  Richard Feldman   to   All panelists : thank you Frank

17:07:15 From  Marjorie Fritz-Birch : Thank you Frank Joyce  I worked in the film industry for many years.  You’re statement about poetic license is perfect.

17:07:15 From  Steve Wasserman : I applaud Frank Joyce’s view. He speaks for me. I protested the trial, attended several days, knew several of the defendants well. The film, in crucial and appallingly fictive moments, hollows out what actually happened. It seeks to tart up events that were inherently dramatic and does so in ways that are patently false. Moreover, doing so, however earnestly intended, condescends to a younger generation.

17:07:31 From  Leni Wildflower : Go Frank!  You are wonderful!!!  as always!!!!

17:07:40 From  Helena Sheehan : Yes! So much was missing.

17:07:46 From  Todd Gitlin : Frank, now I have yet more reason to admire you.

17:07:48 From  Karin San Juan : @Aislinn thank you. Many important connections regarding racist police state…insurgent values now on fire once again!

17:07:49 From  Marcus Dalzine   to   All panelists : Thank you, FRANK!  I agree whole heartedly with all three of your points. Another major issue is that the only character Sorkin seems to want to develop and give an arc to is the Prosecutor who wasn’t even the real prosecutor.  The idea that he gave the prosecution a heart when it had none then and surely doesn’t have any now is so offensive.

17:07:52 From  William Ayers : Thanks, Frank! So good.

17:07:53 From  Randy Ross : People should know that Lady Borton is working on the 3rd or 4th version of Mme. Binh’s autobiography. She is hoping it will be published here in the US. Earlier versions have been published in Viet Nam of course.

17:08:05 From  Jackie Mulholland   to   All panelists : hello Leni Wildflower !!   Jackie Mulholland

17:08:09 From  Toby Mamis : Frank Joyce nailed it! Especially about Fred Hampton’s goal of a “Rainbow Coalition”

17:08:19 From  Glenn Silber : Frank all great points…I agree completely and thank you

17:08:29 From  Mohamed Mohamed   to   All panelists : Thank you, Frank!

17:08:48 From  ken brociner : Excellent  Frank,  Stu Ball

17:08:50 From  Gwendolyn Simmons : Thank you Frank! EXCELLENT!

17:09:15 From  Carol Steinsapir   to   All panelists : The movie  expressed concern about Americans soldiers killed but not the murder of so many Vieitnamese

17:09:21 From  Dan Ellis   to   All panelists : Met Fred when Medical Committee fo Human Rights (MCHR) held meeting to decide on a “medical presence” at Days of Rage, with Quentin Young. Returned to Chicago for RYM II demonstrations parallel to Weatherman’s where Fred Hampton again spoke at a Rally. Another Rally held downtown at Courthouse building. (Had the trial started yet that early in October?)

17:09:54 From  Paul Mishler   to   All panelists : THANKS Frank Joyce for speaking about the visionary leadership & excellent organizing of comrade Fred Hampton! His development as an internationalist and his formulation of the possibiol;ioty of multi-racial unity, provided that coalition honors and accepts Black leadership.

17:10:05 From  don rose   to   All panelists : Wonderful reunion and get-together

17:10:16 From  Martin Tandler : Great Frank. Thanks

17:10:17 From  Art Eckstein : A symbol of the Panthers’ attitude is that Malik was given to Michelle Dellinger to watch other.  It’s symbolic of the Panther attitude at that time—the belief in white radical allies being out there for them.

17:10:18 From  Jim Barton : The Mill Valley Film Festival, which hosted a virtual panel with Sorkin and actors a week ago, was also the premeire of Judy Ehrlich's documeantry, The Boys Who Said No.

17:10:38 From  Ted Smith   to   All panelists : The boys who said no is a really good movie!

17:10:59 From  Jim Barton : Ooops-- Terry and I thinking alike. :)

17:11:08 From  Richard Rothstein : Thank you Frank. The mischaracterizations of the 8 doesn't really matter in terms of how current generations understand the message of the film. The biggest flaw in the film was its portrayal of the anti-war movement as being motivated solely by anger over the draft and American soldiers being killed. That was certainly an important part, but as Frank said, the main passion of the anti-war movement was about what the US was doing to the people of Vietnam.   

17:11:09 From  Fredi Dworkin   to   All panelists : to the tech people: would it be possible to "save" the chat - for those of us unable to do that, from our devices? I would appreciate that! I'm looking for the links, and the long comments (not the personal stuff!) tx!

17:11:14 From  Stephen Spitz : Great points Frank! Perhaps you can help get an attorney for the Dellinger family for Sorkin’s defamatory portrayal of David Dellinger in the movie.

17:11:18 From  Peter Werbe   to   All panelists : Agree with everything Frank says, however, most viewers would come away with the perception that the demonstrators were the good guys and the cops and the government were the pigs we called them. I'm not sure if we made a movie that included all of the criticisms would the average perception be any different. Again, a much better presentation of the trial is in the film, Conspiracy: The Trial of the Chicago 8. 

17:11:30 From  Dean Blobaum   to   All panelists : Sorkin leaves the beating of journalists out of his film. Seems so relevant to the present worldwide moment.

17:11:31 From  Todd Gitlin : Rich Rothstein is absolutely right.

17:11:41 From  Elizabeth Lee   to   All panelists : can you repeat the last film didn't get it

17:11:52 From  Karin San Juan : @Art Eckstein that’s an important point, belief in solidarity and trust across culture and race

17:12:15 From  JOHN COLM : Rich Rothstein-right on!

17:12:33 From  Susan Rutberg : Sadly, i have to leave: will the recording be available? can you email us how to view later?

17:12:38 From  Leni Wildflower : Best film on GI resistance in Army:  Sir, No Sir.  My wonderful brother, David Zeiger.  Displaced films. com...…..I'm so proud to be his sister!

17:12:39 From  danis regal : Many thanks for re-inspiring particularly on this 11th day. Is it true Alex Knopp is here?

17:12:41 From  Joyce Gerber   to   All panelists : I really appreciate this webinar, and the work you've done, and are doing still.  As a fellow activist,  I totally support you. Please keep us in the loop so we can join you, and participate with you!

17:12:43 From  Susan Reverby   to   All panelists : For more on solidarity after this time period, see my Co-Conspirator for Justice: The Revolutionary Life of Dr. Alan Berkman (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2020).

17:12:43 From  Carolyn Oppenheim : The radical coalition that fred Hampton was organizing—that Frank was talking about—was called the Rainbow Coalition, made up of the Chicago Black Panthers, the Latino Young Lords, and the souther white group of the Young Patriots. A film about this was shown on independent Lens on PBS and made by filmmaker Ray Santisban.

17:12:49 From  Stacey Ashlund   to   All panelists : I’ve just joined - who is speaking?

17:12:52 From  Michael Bodaken : Rich Rothstein: thanks for making that point.

17:12:54 From  Dan Ellis   to   All panelists : Pacific Street Films (facebook) made a documentary about Chicago 7-8 Trial. Also made a doc about the Chicago Red Squad, known as “Gang Intelligence Unit,” or GIU. (Thugs.) Fred was working with gang Blackstone Rangers (later, Nation) to build unity.

17:13:13 From  Michael Dieden   to   All panelists : this has been a great program, thank you to everyone involved.

17:13:17 From  Kurt Jacobsen : It is a treasured belief among enemies and non-participants that the anti-war movement was all about saving their own asses.

17:13:17 From  Rick Hind   to   All panelists : Bravo to ALL the panelists today. It is a privilege to hear all of your insights and the truth of what happened in the trial and the broader anti-war movement. And thank you for your continuing commitment to radical change in today’s movements for peace & justice as well.

17:13:21 From  Todd Gitlin :

17:13:33 From  Randy Ross : Rich Rothstein - Good to see you on here. I work with Whitney Allgood. and also much appreciate Color of Law. Such an important book!

17:13:36 From  nancy cohen   to   All panelists : definitely worth another peek at jeremy Kagan's

17:13:40 From  Alex Knopp : Hi Danis! I remember you so well. Hope you are safe and healthy. Alex

17:13:54 From  Dean Blobaum   to   All panelists : When Dellinger read the names of the war dead on October 15, 1969, before the trial began, he read the names of Americans and Vietnamese.

17:13:57 From  Nelson Bonner   to   All panelists : Judy, is there a way to contact you through Berkeley Cohousing or other than Twitter?

17:14:10 From  Jon Qiwnwe : Thanks everybody for a great discussion and a great event!

17:14:33 From  Josh Gould : For Hay  Leni Josh Gould here.  agreed

17:14:39 From  Vivian Rothstein   to   All panelists : Troy:  Thanks for your comments stressing the key role of grassroots, radical movements in advancing justice in our nation's history.

17:14:42 From  David Cortright   to   All panelists : I will make a contribution and I hope others do as well.

17:14:52 From  Karin San Juan : First Rainbow Coalition

17:14:53 From  Ellen Fred : Share website address again please?

17:14:53 From  Al Glatkowski : Thank you for asking for a donation!

17:14:53 From  Karin San Juan :

17:14:53 From  Marla Slavner : Website link please

17:14:54 From  Michael Bodaken : Put URL for website in chat

17:15:00 From  Dean Blobaum   to   All panelists : MediaBurn has a few videos about the Trial.


17:15:23 From  David H. Finke   to   All panelists : Rich Rothstein: Hadn't you been at a gathering with NLF in Bratislava?

17:15:24 From  Jim Barton :

17:15:35 From  Skip Blumberg   to   All panelists : View 1969 interviews with Abbie, Jerry, and Fred Hampton and For free rental use coupon code:PREVIEW.

17:15:40 From  Nelson Bonner   to   All panelists : will this chat be available along with the video?

17:16:01 From  Lola Cohen : Phil Ochs….cover of his album Rehearsals for Retirement featured a tombstone with an inscription.  “Born in El Paso, Texas; Died Chicago, Il. Where was our music?Thank you panelists.

17:16:09 From  John McAuliff   to   Terry Provance(Privately) : Another extraordinary film available on Vimeo "The Whistleblower of My Lai" by Connie Fields.  Many printed and video resources listed here

17:16:26 From  Alex Knopp : Richie Rothstein— thanks for coming to YLS several years ago to discuss your book Color of Law and testing my knowledge about the Brooklyn Dodgers starting lineup!

17:16:42 From  Tom D'Antoni   to   All panelists : almost all white

17:16:44 From  Stephen Spitz : Lola: I drove Phil Ochs from

17:16:47 From  Skip Blumberg : View 1969 interviews with Abbie, Jerry, and Fred Hampton and For free rental use coupon code:PREVIEW.

17:17:14 From  Tom D'Antoni   to   All panelists : we supported black orgs but we were all whiet

17:17:23 From  JOHN COLM :

17:17:36 From  Dan Ellis   to   All panelists : Pacific Street Films also did the important doc about NYPD Red Squad: “RED SQUAD.”

17:18:50 From  Dan Ellis   to   All panelists : Rennie: Can you straighten out the story your friend Jon Jost has told about your blood-stained bandage?

17:18:51 From  Jeremy Kagan : I have video tapes - each over two hours with all the defendants and the lawyers.  I used pieces of these in my movie CONSPIRACY - but I would like to get these to whomever wants to see in detail interviews with these brave beings.  Let me know who you think would want this in an archive.

17:19:21 From  David Fenton : Jeremy put them on YouTube for everyone ?

17:19:40 From  Ellen Fred : Donated!

17:19:47 From  nancy cohen   to   All panelists : jeremy I would Nancy Cohen koan

17:20:06 From  Dan Ellis   to   All panelists : BTW, Nice flowers Rennie...

17:20:08 From  Judy Gumbo   to   John McAuliff(Privately) : Will I get to answer a question? Just curious.

17:20:10 From  Marcus Dalzine   to   All panelists : Hi Jeremy.  OUr family would definitely like copies of these!  Tania (Dave’s granddaughter, Tasha’s daughter.)

17:20:16 From  Richard Feldman : SNCC strongly opposed the war did most black power leaders across the country.  from Detroit to Oakland …...

17:20:22 From  Marla Slavner : Mitigate climate change, mitigate conflict.

17:20:31 From  Nelson Bonner   to   All panelists : Rennie, there were American servicemen in Vietnam in 1963. JFK wanted to remove 1000 of them by the end of 1963.

17:20:41 From  anna schnitzer : I know that Tom Hayden left his papers to the special Labadie Collection at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He was in Ann Arbor shortly before he died and I heard him give a presentation about his career.

17:21:00 From  Stephen Spitz : Lola: I drove Phil Ochs from the Lyndon Johnson unbirthday party on August 27,1968, where Phil performed back to his hotel in Lincoln Park. Four years later, I drove Phil to the University of Michigan Music School where he remixed his song Here’s to the State of Mississippi to Here’s to the State of Richard Nixon which he performed at a benefit for George McGovern in 1972. We talked about the concert in Chicago in 1968. He said that was the highlight of my life.

17:21:02 From  Jim Barton : As a "younger" person, I'm blown away by the achievements of folks on the chat (including many books on my bookcases over the years).

17:21:04 From  HENRY ROSENFELD : I am taking notes if anyone needs them after

17:21:10 From  HENRY ROSENFELD :

17:21:33 From  Perry Fellwock : From Perry Fellwock aka Winslow Peck.  I am working on a film on the CIA's drug trafficking during the war in Southeast Asia and afterword.  As far as I know, besides some craven criminal politicians and the military-industrial-complex, the Agency was the only entity to profit from the war.  This is still a problem today with the heroin and fentanyl plagues.   The legacy of the damn war still lingers.   If anyone has ideas or info you can contact me at  There is still so much to be told about the war and the movement.  Love this webinar.

17:21:40 From  Marla Slavner : Thanks @henry

17:21:46 From  Dan Ellis   to   All panelists : Thanks Henry.

17:21:52 From  Adam Cooper : How did Americans react to the trial as it unfolded?

17:22:01 From  Margaret Cerullo : To Jeremy Kagan: Consider Interference Archives, a Movement archive in Brooklyn that does a lot of political education

17:22:01 From  Bill Prince   to   All panelists : Not sure I understood right. There was certainly protests against our involvement in Vietnam when Madame Nhu visited the US in the fall of 1963.

17:22:03 From  Ronald Mendel   to   All panelists : Great contributions which have shown how the past speaks to us in 2020. 

17:22:16 From  Stephen Spitz : Yes Anna. Is anyone going through Tom’s papers to write a biography of Tom?

17:22:26 From  ROBIN MENKEN : Phil Ochs and I produced the benefit for Victor Jara’s widow, activist artist Joan Jara,  at Madison Square Garden's Felt Forum after Victor was tortured and killed while singing in Stadium In Santiago, Chili, Parenthetically , Phil worked a week to bring Bob Dylan out of retirement and we formed a back up band that became Rolling Thunder, and Bob refused to let Phil tour.

17:22:29 From  Jon Qiwnwe : Thank you John McA!  "Conspiracy in the Streets: The Extraordinary Trial of the Chicago 7"

17:22:52 From  Nancy Kurshan : Ask Marjorie whose mother was a juror. She’s on this

17:23:02 From  Gary Gordon : @hankidu.  Hi. (Gary Gordon)

17:23:08 From  Dan Ellis   to   All panelists : Genius graphic artist Seth Tobocman has a graphic bio of Lenny Weinglass. Check it out.

17:23:13 From  Todd Gitlin : Robin, What was Bob’s gripe against Phil?

17:23:21 From  Sarah burns   to   All panelists : @hankidu - would like notes :)

17:23:22 From  danis regal : Alex Knopp - All as well as could be expected here in Central Vt where I’ve met many women who knew your Mom well.

17:23:48 From  HENRY ROSENFELD : HI  GG!

17:24:09 From  Art Eckstein : How about allowing Judy Gumbo to give her take on the Panthers, as people wanted to hear?

17:25:08 From  ROBIN MENKEN : a long paranoic cruel story which porbably was the final blow in Phil’s story, I’ll tell you privately Todd, find me through Joe

17:25:24 From  Jeremy Kagan : Again - in Conspiracy — Foran is the major prosecutor played powerfully by Harris Yulin

17:25:49 From  Todd Gitlin : Seconding Art’s comment.

17:25:50 From  ken brociner   to   All panelists : if Stu Ball is still here...he was one of the 2 ass't  lawyers for the defense thru-out the whole trial!

17:25:52 From  Stephen Spitz : Thanks Troy for posting the actual courtroom for the trial.

17:25:53 From  Camillo Mac Bica : Perhaps worthy of consideration as more historically accurate

17:25:58 From  Todd Gitlin : Robin, which Joe?

17:26:00 From  Sarah burns   to   All panelists : I would like to be able to "re-watch" this as its moving fast and the questions are so good … what are my options?

17:26:34 From  Judith Ezekiel : Second the suggestion of the University of Michigan’s Labadie Collection.  Fabulous, very old collection of radical documents.

17:26:40 From  ROBIN MENKEN : Country Joe, my ex he has. ablog dont want to send my email address here

17:26:55 From  Todd Gitlin : Aha. Thanx.

17:26:57 From  Marjorie Fritz-Birch : Christy King was the juror who was replaced because of a phony letter supposedly from the Black Panther Party. She was replaced by Kay Richards who was 23 not 43.  Her fiancé worked for the Daley administration. My Mother was the juror who was  r reading the James Baldwin book.  Later in the trial the prosecution tried to take my Mother off the trial because they deemed her sympathetic which she was.  It was my fault. attended a lecture by Rennie Davis at my college and asked a question and said my Mom was on the jury. I was a naive 20 yr old. Thankfully they weren

17:26:58 From  Dan Vie : Just tuning in now - will the recording be made available later on youtube or elsewhere? thanks.

17:27:10 From  Dan Ellis   to   All panelists : Yes.

17:27:41 From  HENRY ROSENFELD : no doubt

17:27:45 From  Edward Hasbrouck : Jules Feiffer was one of the sketch artists at the trial. See his "Pictures at a Prosecution".

17:27:46 From  Alex Knopp : Rennie— thanks for taking me to meet John Lennon when we visited the set of the Mike Douglas show in Philadelphia when John and Yoko were guest hosting!Lennon told me the guitar chords for “Imagine”!

17:28:19 From  Bill HARTZOG : Like to hear frpm

17:28:19 From  Sarah burns   to   All panelists : ** @alex "mind blown" **

17:28:43 From  Lapis Cohen : A book collecting Phil Ochs’ (non-song) writings, “I’m Gonna Say It Now” should be published in December (backbeat books).

17:28:45 From  Stephen Spitz : Roger Wilkins not Roy!

17:28:47 From  Bill HARTZOG : Like to hear from Judy on the Panthers and much more Rennie.

17:29:04 From  ROBIN MENKEN : NO body here from the “field hospital” oasis at Second city’s Beer Garden?

17:29:14 From  Laurie Sandow   to   All panelists : Courtroom drawing—Bobby Seale, Bound and Gagged:

17:29:15 From  nancy cohen   to   All panelists : can this be a weekly show?

17:29:33 From  Sarah burns   to   All panelists : Would love to hear thoughts on Dylan's new song "Murder most foul" in the context of the antiwar movement here if it feels appropros

17:30:28 From  Stephen Spitz : Roger was Roy’s nephew and worked in the Justice Department. Roy was head of the NAACP.

17:30:41 From  Marjorie Fritz-Birch : Sorry  They weren’t successful. My Mom was in part responsible for overturning the charges because of an interview she gave to John Schulz in Evergreen which resulted in the appellate hearings.

17:30:50 From  Colleen Fuller : I also would like to hear from Judy on the Panthers.

17:30:55 From  Roger Hickey   to   All panelists : I believe the Justice Department guy working for Clark was Roger Wilkins.  Roy, a famous NAACP leader.  I later knew Roger and he was a wonderful writer and leader

17:31:06 From  Jeremy Kagan : Mayor Daley was a witness as well and this was an amazing part of the trial where Abbie walked up to him and with his humor challenged Daley to go outside and the two of them duke it out !!  It’s in Conspiracy:The Trail of the Chicago 7.

17:31:13 From  David Cortright   to   All panelists : Roger Wilkins later became a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies.

17:31:25 From  Dan Ellis   to   All panelists : Marjorie... Wow! Thanks!

17:31:32 From  Nelson Bonner : second Colleen

17:31:49 From  Art Eckstein : The trial was one of 7 or 8 “conspiracy” trials instituted by Mitchell in order to distract the leadership of the antiwar movement by having to defend themselves.  Another example is the “Seattle Seven” trial, written about now by Kit Bakke.  The trial needs to be seen in that broader context;  it certainly wasn’t the result of “personal animosity” of Mitchell against Ramsey Clark.

17:32:07 From  Stephen Spitz : Tom told me that Aaron Sorkin was Mark Zuckerberg- not a complement.

17:32:15 From  Dan Ellis   to   All panelists : Best understanding of Aaron S.’s politics?

17:32:26 From  Dean Blobaum   to   All panelists : Gainesville 8

17:32:47 From  Alan Ramo   to   All panelists : The Abbie Tom argument rang false to me and seemed to reflect an agenda of Sorkin.

17:32:55 From  JOHN COLM : Seattle 7 included the real "Dude".

17:33:22 From  John Bancroft : So glad Troy is correcting this horrible part of the film (Tom/Abbie conflict)

17:33:26 From  Jeremy Kagan : I tried to get the makers of the new film to see Conspiracy as it has all the real people in it, but they never responded.

17:33:48 From  Robert Rini : Thanks, Troy. A good note from Tom. 

17:33:53 From  Barbara Myers : Lennie Weinglas’ depiction was also completely off

17:33:56 From  Nancy Kurshan : anyone else feel faded away?

17:34:06 From  nancy cohen   to   All panelists : wow. abbies flat nose is a testament to his involvement, no?

17:34:22 From  ROBIN MENKEN : is Jeff Dowd here?

17:34:28 From  Al Glatkowski : Just made a small donation, thank you for asking folks to do so.                                                     #AllPowerToThePeople!

17:34:29 From  Laura Foner   to   All panelists : No Nancy.  Still fighting on all cylinders!

17:34:34 From  Dan Ellis   to   All panelists : NK: Just a bit sore and tired...

17:34:35 From  Stephen Spitz : Thanks much Troy for reading Tom’s words.

17:34:40 From  Barbara Myers : I think Tom was responsible for bringing Lennie onto the legal team for the Pentagon Papers defense.

17:35:11 From  Marla Painter : Troy-  thank you.

17:35:12 From  Stella Resnick : Hi Nancy, I just want to say hello to you. I would love to meet you one day—maybe on a Zoom meeting.

17:35:15 From  Perry Fellwock : From Perry Fellwock.  For those wanting to know more about the course of the war and the secrets of why Vietnam? and why so long?, secrets still not well known, please consult the books by Douglas Valentine available on Amazon.

17:35:21 From  David Cortright   to   All panelists : All should C Wright Mills' "The Power Elite" and "The Sociological Imagination."

17:35:50 From  David Fenton : that isn’t working. it only shows all panelists and attendees, not the individuals.

17:35:52 From  Todd Gitlin : I want to shine a light on Abbie. I’m Kenneth Porter, a spiritual psychiatrist in NYC. It was nice to see Sasha Baron Cohen, but I want everyone to know that the real Abbie was 3x more brilliant and hysterically funny than the movie Abbie. The only guys that could have played him were Robin Williams or Richard Pryor - both sadly no longer with us. I met Abbie right after Chicago, when he was hospitalized for a minor medical problem and I was the medical student assigned to him. Abbie immediately cracked me up by telling me about his having sex in the hospital bed with Anita. Abbie was a brilliant star who eventually went super-nova and burned out, but he brought a brilliant and loving intelligence too all of us. Love to you Abbie.

17:35:56 From  Sarah burns   to   All panelists : You need to turn on the chat function to allow that

17:35:58 From  Trudi Cohen   to   All panelists : That option is not available to attendees.

17:35:58 From  Alex Knopp :

17:35:59 From  Roxanne Schwartz : can we pivot to Panthers ?

17:36:03 From  Nancy Kurshan : you can’t contact an individual on this chat. the arrow thing does not work.

17:36:09 From  Dan Ellis : That feature not available with current host settings, evidently.

17:36:09 From  Stella Resnick : To Nancy:

17:36:10 From  Steve Wasserman : I urge people to read Tom Hayden’s last book, which I had the privilege of editing and publishing at Yale University Press. It has a continuing relevance: “Hell No: The Forgotten Power of the Vietnam Peace Movement,” which appeared even as Tom laying dying four years ago today.

17:36:15 From  Marla Slavner : - we would like to connect

17:36:25 From  Jim Barton : Yet another production of the trail was a play by Frank Condon. I saw it in 1999 in Sacramento. It was excellent:

17:36:36 From  Michel Coconis   to   All panelists : Judi and the Panthers discussion please. Remember the women! Thanks. #MeToo

17:36:44 From  GEORGIA KELLY : Totally agree on reading Tom Hayden’s last book — and, maybe rereading some of his earlier one.

17:36:46 From  Mardi Klevs : Hal Jacobs,we are two ex-students of yours from Berkeley.  We TAed for you as undergraduates.  Greetings from Mardi and Joey

17:36:47 From  Richard Feldman : thank you nancy for all of your work, struggle and vision

17:36:48 From  Felix Kramer   to   All panelists : We’d stilsl like to hear Judy about Bobby Seale!

17:36:51 From  Noah Stein   to   All panelists :

17:36:58 From  nancy cohen   to   All panelists : stella.which nancy

17:37:14 From  Elizabeth Lee   to   All panelists : can the woman who wanted to say something about the Black Panthers, havevtimr

17:37:20 From  Michel Coconis   to   All panelists : Thank you!

17:37:24 From  Todd Gitlin : Would Troy just said about Fred Hampton being shot in the head is so important.

17:37:29 From  Charlotte Aguilar   to   All panelists : Will this recording be available anywhere?

17:37:30 From  Robert Rini : Yes, Chairman Fred was shot in his sleep.  

17:37:42 From  Todd Gitlin : *WHAT Troy just said….

17:37:43 From  Colleen Fuller : Thank you Troy for saying the truth about Hampton’s brutal murder.

17:38:06 From  Noah Stein   to   All panelists : Newberry library post with original "Secret Expose" plans for Lincoln Park

17:38:20 From  Tom Lees : Bobby, as far as I know, still lives near me in the section of Philadelphia known as Germantown.

17:38:25 From  David Fenton : And Hampton’s bodyguard was an FBI agent who gave him a sleeping pill that night. he was killed while sleeping, through the wall from the room on the other side of the bed

17:38:25 From  Jeremy Kagan : You are so right about Abbie, Todd.  The actor who portrayed him in CONSPIRACY Michael Lembeck spent time with Abbie and got the humor, brilliance, passion and commitment and intelligence of this remarkable man.

17:38:50 From  Noah Stein   to   All panelists : Newberry Library post text:

17:38:53 From  Rick Hind   to   All panelists : Also the killing of Fred Hampton in his sleep is something that today’s movement should try to lift up and more fully retold today. Thanks, Rick

17:38:59 From  Glenn Silber : See the Jeff Haas book, The  Assassinatin of Fred Hampton”

17:39:04 From  Bill Yahraus : Thanks Troy, bottom line all of the issues and relationships here are far too deep and complex for a movie…but the real flaw of this movie is that facts and personalities were changed for dramatic impact…not necessary and inexcusable.

17:39:11 From  Larry Magid   to   All panelists : Judy -- I'm working on a book on that period, including People's Park and the "Cleaver Course" at UC Berkeley.  Could you please email me so we can connect:

17:39:14 From  Jerry Rubin : I believe the most important thing we can do in the next 10 days is help get the word out to DUMP TRUMP and his pandering Republican cronies! To keep urging people to VOTE BLUE and stay unified! Think green, vote Blue!

17:39:14 From  Naomi Price   to   All panelists : Judy, So wonderful to hear your strong, passionate voice again. Rennie, you, too. Naomi

17:39:19 From  Mairtin O Muilleoir   to   All panelists : Greetings from Belfast, Ireland. The spirit of Tom Hayden lives on ! Síocháin agus saoirse !

17:39:21 From  Noah Stein   to   All panelists : Lincoln Park never sounded so groooovy.

In August of 1968, the Democratic National Convention was held in Chicago. The event drew thousands of protesters opposed to the Vietnam War and the political status quo, including members of the Yippies (Youth International Party), who set up camp in Lincoln Park, complete with a "Church of the Free Spirit” and a "Yippie Pentagon"--each depicted in this map. 

They also put together a schedule of events, which included everything from morning workshops on "snake dancing, karate, and non-violent self-defense" to evening sessions of "folksinging, barbecues, singing, lovemaking." 

Things took a dark turn on August 25, when Chicago police stormed Lincoln Park to enforce an 11 pm curfew, beating protesters and forcing them out of the area. Over the ensuing days, police repeatedly beat and tear-gassed protesters, journalists, and even bystanders in Lincoln Park and elsewhere. By some estimates, more than 1,000 people were left injured by the end of the week. 

[Yippie! Lin

17:39:36 From  Steve Wasserman : And to Bill Y’s point, I’m all for poetic license but in this instance Sorkin’s should be suspended.

17:39:37 From  ROBIN MENKEN : please explain where you find the boxes to reach out privately? dont see any boxes

17:39:52 From  Nicole Gotthelf : they are not here

17:39:55 From  Karin San Juan : Breonna Taylor, also shot at home in bed

17:39:56 From  Lola Cohen : ‘Murder of Fred Hampton” directed by Howard Alk.

17:40:00 From  Laurie Sandow : Courtroom drawing—Bobby Seale, Bound and Gagged:

17:40:01 From  JOHN COLM : Robin - that feature hasn't been activated for this webinar.

17:40:01 From  Al Glatkowski : it’s not set up for that

17:40:27 From  Stephen Spitz : I remember that well. I was a first year law student at the University of Chicago Law School a few blocks away from where Fred Hampton was murdered. The Chicago Sun Times showed the door - hundreds of bullets clearly going inside.

17:40:30 From  aaliyah austin : The connection between Fred Hampton's murder and todays events is sadly so strong 

17:40:32 From  Al Glatkowski : only the organizers can do that at this time

17:40:36 From  Jeremy Kagan : It was actually Bobbie not Hampton who calmed the black angry members in the audience.  In the film CONSPIRACY.

17:40:43 From  Jodie Evans : But Hampton was a political assassination which is different than Breonna, the FBI knew he could unite all the people who were siloed.

17:41:01 From  ROBIN MENKEN : Thanks for answer legally blind and tech challenged

17:41:21 From  Bob Joondeph   to   All panelists : Judy!

17:41:26 From  Raines Cohen   to   All panelists : there is a online fundraiser to buy and preserve Fred Hampton’s house as a history center

17:41:27 From  Barbara Myers : Another important story from the period that we are at risk of losing is Tony Russo’s. Tony was best known as Dan Ellsberg’s co-defendant in the Pentagon Papers trial.  He also tried to expose another layer of secrets – of torture and a major misinformation campaign at the heart of US intelligence.

17:41:30 From  Glenn Silber : “The Murder of Fred Hampton” is directed by Howard Alk & Mike Gray

17:41:57 From  ROBIN MENKEN : hmm why have only panelists have access to that function, elitist

17:42:08 From  Dan Ellis : Spitz: Slime murderer Hanrahan pointing to what were later identified as nail heads.

17:42:11 From  Jeremy Kagan : Bobby Seale - not Bobbie - too much typing for me but so glad all you are commenting and involved,  Inspiring !

17:42:35 From  Alice Embree : Thank you, Judy.  Fred’s son came to El Salvador with a CISPES delegation that my daughter helped organize.

17:42:37 From  Barbara Myers : Tony’s story is here                     

17:42:39 From  Ronald Suarez   to   All panelists : The trial changed my life. My wife and I were web developers #1&2 for Occupy Wall Street. I am looking to collaborate with others. Find me here:

17:42:47 From  Tom D'Antoni   to   All panelists : We sure had a lot of hair :)

17:43:40 From  Raines Cohen   to   All panelists :

17:43:43 From  Ronald Suarez : The trial changed my life. My wife and I were web developers #1&2 for Occupy Wall Street. I am looking to collaborate with others. Find me here:

17:43:43 From  Alice Embree : Thank you Aislinn for keeping this history and struggle alive

17:43:49 From  Dan Ellis : 13 million settlement. (Hardly worth it, of course.)

17:43:53 From  Carolyn Oppenheim : The mainstream media perpetuated the myth that Fried Hampton was shooting at the police from inside the apartment. This Chicago Tribune published front page photos purporting to show bullet holes coming from the inside.  The Chicago Journalism Review broke the story that those photos were rigged up by the Red Square—CPD and Cook County Sheriff’s office—and given to Tribune crime reporter Ron Koziol who was exposed as working with the cops.

17:44:04 From  Karin San Juan : It is our duty to fight for our freedom.

It is our duty to win.

We must love each other and support each other.

today FBI labels people “black identity extremists” throwback to COINTELPRO

17:44:34 From  David Cortright : Thank you, Aislinn, for remembering the GI movement and Andrew Pulley's role in it.

17:45:21 From  Marjorie Fritz-Birch : The trial changed my Mother’s life.  After the trial, she got death threats and mail. Long time friends stopped speaking to her. She became a liberal Democrat and never looked back.

17:45:23 From  Joseph Wolf : Aislinn, you are amazing.  So very moved!

17:45:38 From  Steve Ladd : Info about The Boys Who Said NO! film on draft resistance info is here, filling in a story missing totally from the Burns/Novick Vietnam series -

17:45:51 From  Alan Ramo : I would like to hear more about Troy’s comment that the film criminalized and minimized the defendant’s, portraying them as initiating the violence.  How does that help the Black Lives Movement today?

17:45:52 From  David H. Finke   to   All panelists : Hampton was killed by the States' Attorney's own police.  He (Hanrahan) was defeated for re-election. An informal coalition got a Republican elected as his successor. In Chicago/CookCounty a GOP candidacy is usually a meaningless ritual, but in this case (forget his name) it was handy to have his name on the ballot.

17:45:53 From  Barbara Myers : hey Steve!

17:46:01 From  Jim Barton : Adam Cooper- You asked how the public reacted to the trial at the time. For many younger people (I was 13), it was a radicalizing experience. The defendants DID put the system on trial.

17:46:34 From  Richard Feldman : I remember Andrew Pulley and the American Servicemen's union.  the GI resistance was so critical. Today there are Vietnam Vets active in Detroit Revolutionary Movement..  thanks for the legacy

17:46:53 From  Roxanne Schwartz : Thanks Carolyn O for comment on Media at the time which spun Hampton’s murder as his own fault. Even progressive friends at the time bought it. Now it’s common knowledge that it was an assasination.

17:46:58 From  Aislinn Pulley   to   William Ayers and all panelists : Hi Bill! Thank you so much for your comments 

17:46:58 From  GEORGIA KELLY : We can criticize the historical errors in the film, but it is a dramatization, not a documentary. As a drama, I expect it to spawn lots of discussions. The links between 1968 and 2020 regarding police brutality, corrupt judges, evidence tampering, agent provocateurs, etc., is striking. The timing of this film could not be better.

17:47:23 From  Ellen Fred : yes!

17:47:35 From  anna schnitzer : Deep social change—right!  Thanks, Frank Joyce!

17:47:42 From  Dan Ellis : Tony Russo reference please?

17:47:51 From  ROBIN MENKEN : Many of us believe the FBI killed rad poet D.A Levy in Cleveland for his involvement with the Panthers,  called a suicide. and my friend Jean Seberg, who translated the Panthers’ writing into French and may have been killed by FBI , a

17:47:52 From  Karin San Juan : Frank is one of the National Council of Elders

17:47:56 From  Michel Coconis : All: You can use the blue drop down box here in the chat to find people here in the meeting and then send a note directly to them here. At the bottom of this chat, is a box that says To: All panelists with an arrow down. Click on arrow and see all of our names. Select the person and write them directly. When you read the chat, which is moving quickly because of so much participation (yeah!), you are looking for a note to you with the word (private) in red to distinguish that message to you from the “all participants” messages! Good luck.

17:47:59 From  David Cortright : No evidence of peace activists spitting on troops. See Jerry Lembke's book The Spitting Image.

17:48:03 From  Barbara Myers : Tony

17:48:19 From  Paul Lauter : Yes. Frank. My new book, "Our Sixties," tries to make some of the connections between the earlier movement and today.

17:48:31 From  Karin San Juan : super important to cultivate an intergenerational and cross cultural dialogue

17:48:35 From  Barbara Myers : Sorry. hard to get the link to take. Tony is here:

17:48:36 From  Kurt Jacobsen : The question is, Was there one mischaracterization or invention in the film that was necessary?

17:48:37 From  anna schnitzer : Tony Russo ref:

17:48:40 From  Marla Slavner : Why has the peace movement not attracted the numbers of young people to it the way the environmental movement has inspired them to act?

17:48:42 From  Dan Ellis : John Kifner always did good reporting at New York Times. At Kent State and covered Fred Hampton murder.

17:48:52 From  Nelson Bonner : I agree with you, Georgia!

17:48:59 From  Glenn Silber : for a step by step chronicle of the Antiwar movement 1963-72, using Madison, WI as a microcosm, check out The War at Home which has just been re-release on Amazon Prime & YouTube

17:49:01 From  ROBIN MENKEN : The blue drop down box doesnt drop down to peeps fro me

17:49:03 From  Vivian Rothstein   to   All panelists : The podcast Working Class History WCH has just released several episodes on the widespread organizing in the U.S. against the War in Vietnam.

17:49:26 From  Stephen Spitz : No Michael - arrow does not work.

17:49:26 From  Trudi Cohen   to   All panelists : The option for writing to individuals is not enabled for us as Attendees.

17:49:32 From  Marjorie Fritz-Birch : There’s a very interesting book by Frank Kutch called Battleground Chicago,  He talked to many of the cops who were there.

17:49:35 From  David Hughes   to   All panelists : Kent State: May 4

17:49:40 From  Jerry Rubin : Kent State was May 4 NOT April 4.

17:49:50 From  Jack Malinowski   to   All panelists : Frank Lauter’s book is crucial and highly recommended - Jack Malinowski

17:49:56 From  David Hawk   to   All panelists : Rennie, where are you? <>

17:49:58 From  ROBIN MENKEN   to   All panelists : i cannot find that red box. only panelsit or panelist and attendees nothing interactive

17:50:03 From  Steve Ladd : Also preserving another important story of the antiwar movement and its impact is “The Movement and the Madman” film in progress, about the fall 1969 Moratorium and Mobilization actions - the largest protests at the time in American history - which, unknown at the time, undermined Nixon’s efforts for a dramatic escalation of the war -

17:50:12 From  nancy cohen : not working

17:50:13 From  Joyce Gerber   to   All panelists : Hi Jerry!

17:50:14 From  Jim Barton : Marla Slavner- Contradicting other commenters, I think opposing the draft DID have an element of self-interest. Not for the core activists, but for the mass of young people. Today, young people have a clear self interest to speak out on climate.

17:50:16 From  Al Glatkowski   to   All panelists : Thank you Jerry

17:50:30 From  Al Glatkowski   to   All panelists : absolutely correct

17:50:30 From  Paul Soglin : There were two great events that divided this nation for generations. the Civil War and Vietnam.  We know how the narrative of the Civil War turned out after 150 years. I would rather not wait another 100 years before we right the story of Vietnam. LBJ and Nixon ripped out generations apart. It is not too late.

17:50:36 From  Michel Coconis   to   All panelists : @all - sorry. That’s how most meetings I’m in work. Maybe with 575 they chose otherwise which I get. It’s Michel no a.

17:50:37 From  Dan Ellis : May 4, 1970. Hampton was murdered on December 4, 1969. Reporters cover different events.

17:50:38 From  Todd Gitlin : Steve Ladd, so glad to hear this is in progress.

17:50:41 From  Merriam Ansara   to   All panelists : That is a great plan for the speech!  Hope to be able to join

17:50:41 From  Thea Paneth : Kit available at UFPJ website to help you with organizing a Beyond Vietnam reading:’s-“beyond-vietnam”-speech-in-your-community/

17:50:41 From  Ruth Staber   to   All panelists : Judy Gumbo !!!    I applaud you !  Much Gratitude for it ALL !  Much Respect, Many Blessings !  I miss you !!! VENCEREMOS !   Xoxo, Ruthie Staber

17:50:49 From  Perry Fellwock   to   All panelists : For perspective on the G.I. Movement, see  Fact is that the anti-war movement  grew on every military base around the world.  And the anti-war G.I media appeared in nearly every military unit.  

17:50:49 From  aaliyah austin : The legacy of this movement is not only inspiring but, so needed especially during these times

17:51:08 From  Sarah burns   to   All panelists : yes, it still doesn't work

17:51:09 From  nancy cohen : nope

17:51:15 From  Nancy Kurshan : john, we know how to do that but it does not work

17:51:16 From  David Fenton : no way. not working. i know what its supposed to look like, and it isn’t there.

17:51:17 From  Sarah burns   to   All panelists : you need to enable CHAT for tha tfunction to work

17:51:17 From  BOB SCHWARTZ   to   All panelists : Doesn’t work John - might be you as a host.

17:51:19 From  Karin San Juan : Not as individual attendees, only as an entire group

17:51:20 From  Stephen Spitz : No!

17:51:20 From  Rabbi David Cooper : Ot true

17:51:21 From  Marla Slavner : Not on apple computer.

17:51:24 From  Sarah burns   to   All panelists : Admins need to change that setting

17:51:25 From  ROBIN MENKEN   to   All panelists : addendum Jean’s suicide was porbably political murder

17:51:26 From  Jeremy Kagan   to   All panelists : hoping this gets to Rennie - a hello from the director of CONSPIRACY: The Trial of the Chicago 8 - where you were played by Robert Carradine and you yourself appeared in the movie.  Great to hear  and see you.  Jeremy Kagan — ainsof@gmail,com

17:51:26 From  Sue Udry : we don't get an attendee list

17:51:27 From  nancy cohen : doesnt work

17:51:28 From  Dan Ellis : Wrong! You have to adjust the settings!

17:51:29 From  Sarah Pillsbury : No you can’t

17:51:32 From  Tom Lees : It doesn’t work, John

17:51:32 From  Sue Udry : other attendees are hidden

17:51:32 From  Edward Hasbrouck : @Marta - You ask, "Why has the peace movement not attracted the numbers of young people to it the way the environmental movement has inspired them to act?" But in fatc, the level onf noncompliance with the Selective service System *today* is far greater than was the extent of draft resistance at any point during the US war in Indochina. That resistance is largely quiet and closeted, but has been effective in preventing reinstatement of the draft. See: 

17:51:33 From  Judy Gumbo   to   Ruth Staber and all panelists : Wow!  Hi Ruthie! How are you doing and where are you??

17:51:35 From  ROBIN MENKEN   to   All panelists : THAT DOENT WORK ON FIREFOX

17:51:35 From  nancy cohen : fix 

17:51:35 From  Roxanne Schwartz : No, individual attendees do not show.

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17:51:36 From  David McDonough   to   All panelists : I think you can only see that John because you are a host

17:51:38 From  Todd Gitlin : Not working on my Mac.

17:51:38 From  Barbara Simonetti : Only the panelists can see the attendees names.

17:51:40 From  Michael Bodaken : Simply can send to 'all attendees." Not individual attendees.

17:51:41 From  Dean Blobaum : The reporting that John Schultz did from the Trial for Evergreen Magazine formed the core of his book The Conspiracy Trial of the Chicago Seven

17:51:42 From  Sarah burns   to   All panelists : JOHN >>> you need to turn that on

17:51:44 From  Madeline Fine : You as organizers hav e different view from the attendees.  More options.

17:51:45 From  Jodie Evans : No it is not happening that way.  We can just talk to each other as a mass, not individually.

17:51:54 From  David H. Finke   to   All panelists : The listing of attendees via a little arrow is NOT here on an iPad.

17:51:58 From  Bill HARTZOG : names are not there.

17:52:00 From  Sarah Pillsbury : Who’s the host, they need to open up the chat.

17:52:05 From  Sue Udry : all for one and one for all @jodie!

17:52:06 From  William Ayers   to   All panelists : Troy, you done good.  Bernardine

17:52:06 From  Ann Gordon : Thank you all for creating this event & for making connections to the world around us today. And good wishes to friends from earlier days.  Ann Gordon

17:52:09 From  Rabbi David Cooper : What is the link to your channel

17:52:13 From  Rabbi David Cooper : ?

17:52:20 From  Edward Hasbrouck : Don't buy into the myth that young peole today acquiesce to war.

17:52:20 From  Michel Coconis   to   All panelists : You can NOT see all of the names. You likely set that up because of the number of names we’d have to scroll through. People can @name and put email.

17:52:23 From  nancy cohen : Why not let people who want to be a contacted just to put their names on

17:52:25 From  BOB SCHWARTZ   to   All panelists : Terrific discussion - look forward to future campaign activities! Best to all - loved seeing some old friends (and a lot of current activists)!

17:52:27 From  Jim Barton : This webinar doesn't have time to deal with how the anti-war movement helped lead to the anti-nuclear movement (1976-1989).

17:52:32 From  Bill HARTZOG : say the channel name again please.

17:52:33 From  Ruth Staber   to   All panelists : Hi Judy…. I’m still in the Catskills, life be deep, i’ve been really wanting to connect with you and Jessica and then I got your email

17:52:36 From  Lola Cohen : Robin… I was in charge of the talent for the Chile Benefit. I brought Bob to the concert and went on the Rolling Thunder tour. We must have met. My name wants Lola. Phil was in his manic phase. No way he could go.

17:52:36 From  Jodie Evans : thanks Troy for sharing all these awesome photos!

17:52:39 From  Robert Rini : What channel, John?  Please post links.  

17:52:49 From  Todd Gitlin : John and Terry, if you can open up the chat to all present, please do.

17:52:50 From  Nelson Bonner   to   All panelists : yes, only options are All Panelists and All Panelists and Attendees

17:52:52 From  Bruce Gilbert : No individual chat available

17:52:54 From  Michel Coconis   to   All panelists : You can use Ollio next time for a transcription of your next event.

17:52:58 From  Stephen Spitz : We have been all saying that we cannot access anyone other than all panelists and attendees but not individuals

17:53:02 From  Jeremy Kagan : Hey there Jodie - glad to see you here - wonder if you ever saw my movie CONSPIRACY: The Trial of the Chicago 8.

17:53:20 From  Laurie Frost : Seeing our former Mayor Paul Soglin’s name pop up here reminds me of another documentary from this time (in addition to “Two Days in October”): “The War at Home.”

17:53:28 From  Susan Saxe   to   All panelists : Thank you for keeping memory alive and telling the truth about our history.

17:53:32 From  Abe Peck : Inspiring “class reunion.” Thanks to all.

17:53:46 From  William Ayers   to   All panelists : Troy, you done good.  Bernardine

17:53:48 From  Judy Gumbo   to   Bruce Gilbert and all panelists : Hi Bruce - great to hear from you!!!

17:54:15 From  Peter Werbe   to   All panelists : I keep posting a link to it online, Jeremy. Excellent.

17:54:18 From  felicia marcus : Thank you to all of you on this zoom that paved the way for the rest of us!

17:54:19 From  ROBIN MENKEN   to   All panelists : I CANNOT FIND THAT touted interactive box for individual attendees private messages not in Chrome nor firefox

17:54:24 From  Marla Slavner : What’s the website to donate?

17:54:40 From  Michel Coconis   to   All panelists : Sorry - not Ollio,

17:54:45 From  Laurie Frost : My son is the K-12 social studies lead for the state of Massachusetts.  I promise to make sure he sees this excellent, moving program when it becomes available on Youtube.

17:54:46 From  Jim Barton : Jeremy Kagan- Do you have any public interviews this last week about your 1987 film?

17:54:57 From  Rabbi David Cooper : The police riot in Chicago helped elect Nixon, not the demonstrators in Chi

17:54:59 From  ROBIN MENKEN   to   All panelists : Todd, contact Country Joe at his blog tell him i said to give you my email. Shout Out To Gary Gordon

17:55:00 From  Bruce Gilbert : Hi Judy, thanks for helping to organize this

17:55:08 From  Barbara Myers :

I for one would love to see the footage of the defendant/lawyer interviews.

17:55:14 From  ROBIN MENKEN   to   All panelists : Yo jeremy Kagin, Good work

17:55:19 From  Michael Bodaken : Felicia, hi from Michael. And ditto your remarks. Grateful for this program and what Frank Joyce and others are doing to protect this important history.

17:55:25 From  Brewster Rhoads   to   All panelists : John... looks like Jerry Rubin wants to say something.

17:55:30 From  nancy cohen : hope you include indigenous elders

17:55:50 From  Howard Rodman   to   All panelists : Thank you so much for this!  Educational, usefully corrective, and inspirational.

17:55:52 From  Jeremy Kagan : I am going to do a radio interview this weekend and I wrote and article in The Forward that I am told they will publish comparing these movies.

17:56:13 From  Dan Ellis : Radio details?

17:56:33 From  Laurie Frost : Hello, college classmate Felicia Marcus!

17:57:01 From  Dean Blobaum : Doug Lindner has an enormous amount of material about the Trial at  transcripts, interviews, etc

17:57:01 From  Ellen Fred : So great. thank you.

17:57:07 From  Marla Slavner : Thank you - this has been incredible!

17:57:14 From  Louise Enoch : We used to believe that we could ultimately count on the courts doing the right thing, but I fear we don’t have that confidence anymore.

17:57:17 From  Glenn Silber : This has been great.  Thank you for doing this.

17:57:19 From  Larry Gross   to   All panelists : Thank you.

17:57:22 From  Barbara Williams : Thank you all for bringing your best game to this most fascinating symposium.

17:57:23 From  Steve Ladd : Donations can be made here

17:57:24 From  Nelson Bonner : thank you, all

17:57:25 From  Tom Lees : Thank you all! Dump Trump!

17:57:26 From  felicia marcus : John Froines pictures!  What a great human.

17:57:26 From  Steve Wasserman : Abrazos to all. Excellent conversation. Thanks to all who organized it.

17:57:30 From  ken brociner   to   All panelists : I find it extremely disappointing that so little has been said about the upcoming election!

17:57:32 From  nancy cohen : 🦒inspiring

17:57:32 From  Jim Barton : Thanks to the organizers of this. Donation URL?

17:57:34 From  Marla Slavner : Please put your website

17:57:34 From  Elizabeth Lee   to   All panelists : fabulous fabulous you wonderful human beings!!!

17:57:38 From  Steve Ladd : Donations can be mad there -

17:57:38 From  William Ayers : Thank you

17:57:39 From  David H. Finke : "The system has been doing this for 500 years.". Good documentation of this in Wilkerson's fabulous book "CASTE."

17:57:40 From  Patricia Sonne   to   All panelists : Thank you!

17:57:41 From  Michel Coconis   to   All panelists : Will someone say who the people are in all the pictures you’ve been showing?

17:57:41 From  Joyce Gerber : Thank you so much!

17:57:43 From  Robert Rini : Please post links!!!!   And thanks.

17:57:46 From  Toby Mamis : Great panelists and amazing turnout of listeners/viewers, so many influential and experienced and knowledgeable people

17:57:47 From  Joanne Pohl   to   All panelists : Thank you for organizing this. Very informative as we live and act in today's world.

17:57:47 From  Ronald Mendel : Great contributions which have shown how the past speaks to us in 2020.

17:57:48 From  Rabbi David Cooper : Link to make donations?

17:57:49 From  Anna Blackshaw   to   All panelists : So inspired by all of these stories. Tom was my mentor and teacher - he was my boss in the Senate in the 90’s when we were fighting mass incarceration and affirmative action rollbacks. I am part of SURJ - showing up for racial justice - organizing white folks to organize in white communities. Tomorrow I am hosting a viewing of this film with my millennial comrades. So important too keep these histories alive.

17:57:49 From  Jackie Mulholland   to   All panelists : well the comment be u tube???

17:57:50 From  Madeline Fine : Bless all of you - the truth will set us free (Madeline, Brookline)

17:57:50 From  Bill HARTZOG : many thanks for all of your contributions.

17:57:51 From  Marianne Brown   to   All panelists : Thank you for putting on this important  presentation. This was much  needed after the film.

17:57:52 From  John Bancroft : Joe Biden is not Hubert Humphrey!  Humphrey was an enthusiastic VP prosecuting the war.  I'm voting for Biden, but never could have voted for Humphrey

17:57:55 From  Ruth Staber   to   All panelists : Judy…. Thank you for being an all time mentor of my life and for revolutionizing the campus in the 70’s at S

17:57:55 From  Nicole Gotthelf : thank you!

17:57:56 From  Ellen Fred :

17:57:57 From  ROBIN MENKEN   to   All panelists : Hey Lola,  IM recalling BOB”S depression nd Phil’s weeklong sacrificial work to unerath Bob originally< he deserved teh same consideration? How are you? remember the wack Dylan clone Bob threw out on stage before he appeared?

17:57:58 From  David Hughes : Hi to all from David Hughes in Pittsburgh

17:57:59 From  Jim Barton :

17:58:00 From  Pablo Duran : Thank you so much for the insightful conversation!!!

17:58:03 From  Barbara Myers : Wonderful 2 hours. Wish we could do this more often.

17:58:05 From  Merriam Ansara : Does anyone know how to save this chat?  The usual button to do so I can't see

17:58:06 From  Perry Fellwock   to   All panelists : From Perry Fellwock aka Winslow Peck.  Keep daring to struggle and daring to win.

17:58:07 From  Carolyn Oppenheim : Remind us how we can get this recording and other material to share with those who missed this.

17:58:10 From  Jessica MacPhail : Thank you, so valuable.

17:58:11 From  Jeanne Friedman : Webinar SO much better than movie.  Ask Sorkin to append it to movie!

17:58:12 From  Laura Foner : Thank you (from Western Maine)

17:58:19 From  Adam Cooper : Thank you!

17:58:21 From  Louise Enoch : Thank you.  This has been very informative and inspiring.

17:58:22 From  Marla Slavner : Judy rocks!

17:58:23 From  Peter Werbe   to   All panelists : says it can't found

17:58:26 From  Rabbi David Cooper : Thank you JUDY!

17:58:26 From  Marcus Dalzine   to   All panelists : Thank you, Natasha and Michele!

17:58:28 From  Judith Ezekiel : *Superb* discussion.  THANK you.

17:58:30 From  Tina Fahnestock   to   All panelists : Please put the last website here!

17:58:32 From  Summer Brenner : Thank you very much! Inspiring and memorable. 

17:58:35 From  anna schnitzer : Great webinar, best one I have seen since COVID-19!

17:58:36 From  Matt Nelson : Thanks Everyone!


17:58:37 From  Nicole Gotthelf : Go Yippies!

17:58:37 From  Richard Feldman : As a 19 year old who attended the Democratic Convention, I was transformed by the leadership, commitment and vision of the elders to support the Vietnamese.  I have been active for more than 50 years and that demonstration changed my life.  Thanks to my elders....and thanks to a new generation that continues the work towards revolutionary transformation which is both cultural-political and economic-  this was outstanding.

17:58:38 From  Joyce Gerber :

17:58:42 From  Norman Stockwell : Thank you everyone. Wonderful event.

17:58:44 From  Robert Rini : Dump the fascist white supremacist--we can move and organize better under the neoliberal.  

17:58:51 From  charles pasternack : the memories keep me young--Charles pasternack ex newreel

17:58:52 From  Carol Kurtz   to   All panelists : Thank you to all panelists for your wisdom and  remembrances.  A particular shout out to Troy.  Your Dad would have been so proud.

17:58:52 From  Alan Haber   to   All panelists : Many people and groups, sunrise  looking for national mobilization for general strike of some sort.  Wider unity possible ?  Thanks all

17:58:57 From  Stephen Spitz : Thanks!

17:58:59 From  Birthdays Countryman : Thank you for this afternoon

17:59:00 From  Joel shufro : thank you!

17:59:01 From  Marianne Brown : Thank you all for this outstanding presenation.

17:59:01 From  Barry Lynn : This has been an extraordinary event.  Thanks.

17:59:01 From  GEORGIA KELLY : Thank you to everyone on the panel. It has been a wonderful experience and connection between the decades.

17:59:03 From  Karin San Juan : REALLY GREAT JOB EVERYONE!

17:59:04 From  Perry Fellwock   to   All panelists : Thank you Judy and Rennie and the others.  You brought tears of joy to my eyes.

17:59:05 From  Colleen Fuller : Many thanks, super interesting and I look forward to further webinars

17:59:06 From  nancy cohen : bye

17:59:06 From  Matt Meyer : Stay safe, healthy and strong you all! Peace & Power to the People!

17:59:06 From  Marta Gara : Thanks so much to the panelists for your witnesses and your words and thanks to this huge and lively audience. The webinar has been so meaningful for me and for my research. Marta Gara

17:59:07 From  Joyce Gerber :

17:59:09 From  Jeremy Kagan : Thank you all  for your courage and insights.

17:59:15 From  Jonathan Gale   to   All panelists : Thank you!

17:59:17 From  Ruth Staber   to   All panelists : Judy, thank you  for being an all time mentor and for revolutionizing the SUNY New Paltz campus in the 70’

17:59:18 From  Stella Resnick : This had been a wonderful presentation from everyone. I’m very grateful for everyone’s really informed input.

17:59:43 From  Shirley Tomczaak : WHAT IS THE CHANNEL YOU ARE REFERRING TO, JOHN?

17:59:48 From  Dan Vie : youtube channel URL please!

17:59:54 From  Mary Williams   to   All panelists : EXCELENT!!

18:00:00 From  Carol Kurtz : It was wonderful to see you all.  Thank you for organizing this event.  For myself, I was so pleased to have been able to share this with you all.

18:00:03 From  Robert Rini : Muchisimas gracias.  

18:00:10 From  Jerry Rubin : Wear a mask! Be safe!

18:00:11 From  Ruth Staber   to   All panelists : Thank you to all the panelists… The jury continues.  A Luta Continua !!!

18:00:17 From  Michel Coconis   to   All panelists : You could record and say who they are if everyone knows who everyone is. Thanks to you all for so much leadership and making the road by walking it!

18:00:17 From  HENRY ROSENFELD :

18:00:23 From  Perry Fellwock   to   All panelists : From Perry Fellwock aka Winslow Peck.  Still having problems with Zoom.  I wrote to Judy and Rennie, thanks for bringing tears of joy to these old eyes.  

18:00:33 From  Alex Knopp : Best to you Carol and Jack from Alex and Bette!

18:00:39 From  Ronald Mendel : As someone who attended the Chicago demonstrations in 1968, I learned a great deal  from the webinar participants. 

18:00:40 From  Ruth Staber   to   All panelists : Journey continues

18:00:46 From  nancy cohen :

18:00:53 From  Merriam Ansara : Thank you for a really interesting webinar

18:01:03 From  Michael Bodaken : Could very well put together some nonviolent action post election if Trump attempts to steal election. Perhaps some pointers/tips/manual/options for people to get involved.

18:01:05 From  nancy cohen : 🐶

18:01:20 From  Madeline Fine   to   All panelists : Marvelous - you’ll find a way to make this work really well!  I’m so blessed to have been able to participate - silently

18:01:34 From  Joyce Gerber :

18:01:44 From  Michel Coconis   to   All panelists : Far out to you and your DAD!

18:01:53 From  Marta Gara : Thanks for your great work for memory and organizing

18:02:09 From  ROBIN MENKEN   to   All panelists : Troy I Have soem origin stories fro you probably

18:02:20 From  Jeremy Kagan : Troy - I have a two hour interview with your dad that I used in CONSPIRACY

18:02:20 From  Ellen Fred : lol

18:02:25 From  Jessica MacPhail : Troy that is wonderful news. Thanks!

18:02:27 From  David Fenton   to   All panelists : I have photos of Tom

18:02:49 From  Howard Hertz : This was fascinating. HH


18:03:01 From  nancy cohen : woodstock:asnapshotintime

18:03:01 From  Stephen Spitz : Great Troy! Have you met with Al Haber for your documentary?

18:03:03 From  Nelson Bonner : how to reach Troy?

18:03:07 From  Marla Slavner : How do we get in touch with you Troy?

18:03:15 From  Joseph Di Salle : Wonderful program. Thank you.

18:03:15 From  David Hughes : Troy, you may have been conceived in my house in 

18:03:18 From  Brenda Reeber : Thank you. Really liked the program you put together. 

18:03:18 From  nancy cohen : wear a mask

18:03:23 From  David Hughes : Pittsburgh

18:03:39 From  Bruce Gilbert : Thank you to all the participants

18:03:54 From  David Hughes : I have some photos you might want to use.


18:04:04 From  Robert Rini : Thanks, John. This has been great 


18:04:11 From  Marla Slavner : (1.5 Degrees of Peace - film)


18:04:26 From  ROBIN MENKEN : Yo BRUCE GILBERT typo

18:04:35 From  Joseph Fortunato   to   All panelists : well worth it.

18:04:47 From  Edwina Vogan   to   All panelists : Fabulous. Thank you!

18:04:48 From  Xochitl Arellano   to   All panelists : xochitl1@comcast net please send me anything

18:04:53 From  Bill Yahraus : Yo Robin M

18:04:57 From  Xochitl Arellano   to   All panelists : gracias

18:05:05 From  Judith Ezekiel : Thanks


#             Question             Asker Name       Answer(s)                                                          

1              By focusing on the courtroom, and mot on the larger social, economic and political context, the movie became less relevant to today’s events.  Mohamed Mohamed                                     Copy this message to chat please.                           

2              Rennie!  What a treat     Giovanni Rodriguez                                         use chat for greetings                   

3              to Rennie do you recall being in CONSPIRACY: THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 8 where you appeared and were played by Robert Carradine?       Jeremy Kagan                                    Jeremy, we totally enjoyed your movie!                

4              Why couldn’t Bobby Seale attend? Is he okay healthy-wise? Best to him. HENRY ROSENFELD                                          We don't know.  He was off again on again about participating.                   Bobby acknowledged my birthday greeting to him on his facebook messenger a few days ago.

5              Hi all, can you please turn on the Captions function for people with hearing issues?           Eleni Gourgou                                   Sorry don't know how to do it once the webinar has begun.                         "'@John McAuliff

Maybe this helps? NOt sure, but maybe."

6              Can we hear from Nancy Kurshan about Jerry Rubin?       Martha Sonnenberg                       thanks Martha for asking, did you see the piece i wrote                                      

7              Drives me crazy that Dave Dellinger is depicted as slugging someone…and in  Orange is the New Black the character based on Sr. Ardeth Platte said w/a wink and nod that Plowshares activists don’t throw their own/real blood…why does Hollywood undermine the solemnity and the deep commitment in these ways?               Thea Paneth                                                                               

8              How was the decision made to have Rennie and Abbie testify? What went into that decision?       Dean Blobaum                                                                             

9              What was that bra burning? I don’t believe that was happening, was it? And why did Sorkin erase the women?                Margot Williams                                                                              

10           These days, there is no identifiable leader to the protests and movements.  How did this major change take place and what is its significance?  I noticed this originally with the Occupy actions.           BAILEY BARASH                                                                

11           Can some of the participants share their thoughts on your relationship to Black Lives Matter and other activist groups of this moment? Chris Richter                                                                      

12           Natascha — thanks so much        Giovanni Rodriguez                                         Please use the chat function for messages.                          

13           Erin, Criminal Defense Attorney in Colorado -(born in 1978 - former prosecutor) - was there really jury tampering similar to that depicted in the film?    Erin Hogan                                                                          Short answer: Yes. There's an excellent account of the jury tampering in John Schultz' "Motion Will Be Denied" (back in print in an updated edtion from the U. of Chicago Press).  It's the best blow-by-blow account of the trial, with a lot of act-checking and behind-the-scenes insight.

14           I want to pose what might be an unpopular view.  I was deeply committed and worked hard to end the war - working with CALC, Southern Student Organizing Committee. But I was not in Chicago, and I believe (in hindsight) that the Chicago demonstrations were a mistake.  A mistake in the sense that the message was that there was no difference between Humphrey (who was being nominated in Chicago) and Nixon.  We were wrong about that -- in the same way that people who refuse to support (the liberal centrist) Joe Biden  think there is "not a dime's worth of difference"  between Biden and Trump.   Let me be clear:  I was part of many anti-war protests after the Chicago convention -- MayDay, for example.  But I think we contributed to the electoral failure of Humphrey (although he did a lot to defeat himself, but failing to oppose the war clearly).   But I believe it would have been much easier to end the war if Humphrey had been elected.  Biden + a movement will get progress.  We should have supportedHubert+a movement         Roger Hickey                                      we're dealing with a structure - what's called 'a democracy' barely is that, certainly not enough to change the governmental form.  You or I could be President - we wouldn't be able to bring us justice.  FDR was able to get a 'working class' (slaves-ish) to sustain our Owners' war - is his big achievment.  Our Owners moved the world to war as they got Hitler-Germany to advance through Europe, the encouragement to overthrow the 'Russian' revolution.         "Thanks Roger Hickey...a very timely and important point!


Ken Brociner"    Humphrey should have committed to ending the bombing much sooner. That was the major issue for so many.

15           '@John McAuliff Thanks for trying.           Eleni Gourgou                                                                  

16           was the whole segment on Ramsey Clark accurate? When did the public find out about his Justice dept report? Mary Mi                                               not accurate                      

17           My father was a teenager and living in chicago at the time of the trial, he tried to go into the city one day and get close to the court house to see what was happening and said it was impossible.  He made a comment to me that no one really knew what was really going on in the courtroom.  What was the press coverage like at the time?     Erin Hogan                                                                  

18           Your father was presented very well, IMO.  I love what he did. Hope this helps     Giovanni Rodriguez                                                                        

19           Can Rennie describe how the defendants left the courtroom each afternoon and flew to rallies around the country, trying to return to court on time the next morning?        John Bancroft                                                                   

20           What does everyone think of prosecutor Richard Schultz, and how he was depicted in the film?   Erin Hogan                                                                               

21           Did the Chicago 8 spend time in jail while waiting for appeal?      Tanya Shaffer                                                                   

22           Question for any of the panelists -- Notwithstanding the misrepresentations of  the 7 being tried in Chicago, what are the political 'lessons' that can be drawn from the film? Ronald Mendel                                                                

23           How accurate was the portrayal of Ramsey Clark?  Thanks.            Barry Lynn                                                                          

24           If Mr. Sorkin is on this webinar perhaps he can address why he chose to depict Dellinger as losing his radical pacifist beliefs and resorting to violence. Does he see this as undermining both Dellinger and the radical left?       Chris Richter                                                                 

25           This is the 4th film made about the Trial. Why is the Trial the cinematic lens through which the events of August '68 are viewed? Dean Blobaum                   I made the first of these when all the defendants and lawyers were alive and I included them in the narrrative- I know our film is more accurate - CONSPIRACY:THe Trial of the Chicago 8 and Abbie on set said what you just did - now the movie becomes the history                      Ther was Medium Cool, but Wexler didn't need to pay all those "extras."  Id that part of the problem?  Just the sheer scope?

26           I would like to hear ore fron Troy about how his father was depicted; I don’t think the film at all captured Tom’s gravitas, depth, or power Richard Appelbaum                                                                       

27           Was there really an infiltrator from the FBI who seduced Jerry Rubin?      GEORGIA WEVER                                                                            

28           Troy: First of all, I met you when you were in your mother’s arms in Washington DC. Second I knew your father and greatly admired him. I discussed the making of this movie with him in our beloved Ann Arbor in 2010. Third, my friend Kristin Cabral and I looked at a box of your father’s files at the University of Michigan in 2018 and discussed this with Al Haber. My question to you: Is anyone looking through those files with an eye to writing a biography of your father?            Stephen Spitz                                                                   

29           Youy are all so inspiring! Tthe Chcago 8 represented many faces of the Movement, and many tactics. Here in Seattle, an officially designated "anarchist jurisdiction," we demonstrated hard for BLM, shut down a police station, and established a liberated zone, CHAP, Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. Yet I'm voting for Biden to stop the fascist white supremacist Trump without illusions. I believe there will be more room to move and organize and fight under a neo-liberal president than an outright fascist.  Is this a contradiction?  Is this different than supporting Hubert Humphrey back in the day?  I'd love to hear your comments on this election and the current scene.           Robert Rini                                                                               

30           Rennie, moving ahead a bit: How do you think the coffeehouse movement moved the needle on the anti-war movement. I was part of the Haymarket Square collective, in Fayetteville, and your contributions were invaluable. Naomi Kaufman Naomi Price                                                                       

31           Did the Voir Dir happen? was the former attorney general called, and was his evidence really that his administration concluded that the police started the riots? On what grounds was that evidence ruled inadmissable?                Jonathan Gale                                                                  

32           My first year law school (1968) criminal law professor tossed out his syllabus and "taught" the Trial day by unfolding day as it was rich in teachable moments. That particular class at the Univ of Pennsylvania Law School produced more activist lawyers than were in any of that school's classes before or for decades after. After watching the Chicago PD as revealed during the pretrial and at the Trial, two law students and two Philadeliphia lawyers met with Bill Kunstler and launched a lawsuit against the Philadelphia PD (COPPAR v Rizzo) on behalf of 3000 black victims of police abuse--which resulted initially in a federal judge putting the entire PD under federal court supervision for failure to uphold the constitutoinal rights of its Black citizens.      Richard Walden                                                               

33           Sorkin pretends that the convention was right next to the Hilton Hotel. It was four miles away! Sorkin thus totally distorts the facts - we were never allowed to march to the convention.     Stephen Spitz                    The mis-placement of the actual convention is a common error.  Ther was a small AFSC march that got within a mile of the convention (the International Amphitheatre)                                     

34           Rennie can you talk about the relationship between Mayday and Chicago              carole cullum                                                                    

35           Barbara Williams, Tom’s wife said Sorkin had to wait to make the film until Tom died as he kept sending back notes explaining all that was not right and it didn’t fit with Sorkin’s needs to tell his story.  So they just waited.  Presente Tom Hayden!  He died 4 years ago today.           Jodie Evans                                                                        

36           On John Burge and his Midnight Crew, read Ron Kitchen (and Thai Jones) My Midnight Years .      Eleanor Stein                                                                               

37           that was what got me. WHY did he have THE major pacifist slug a court officer. really made me crazy.       jehed diamond                                                                             

38           Will the vhat box be made available to webinar participants?       Jack Hirschfeld                                                                 

39           Will the chat box be made available to webinar participants.        Jack Hirschfeld                                                                 

40           Re Frank Joyce's observations: Constitutional historian, Stanley Kutler (Nixon's Watergate tapes): "You did something almost inconceviable, your brought down two U.S. presidents, Johnson who resigned and Nixon - Watergate was a direct result of his inablity to deomocratically deal with the anti-war movement."           Todd Gitlin                                Who is this, posting under my name?                                     

41           If the film misrepresented Fred Hampton's role in the trial my question is did Fred Hampton and the Chicago BPP have any role or contact w/the defendants or defense? If so, what did that look like?               Mike Hertenstein                                                Hampton was never present at the trial.                

42           What was Paul Krassner’s involvement? May he rest in peace!    Jerry Rubin                          Part of the Parts Left Out of the Chicago 7.  Check PK's review of Steal This Movie.  A lot of it apllies here.                                         

43           Why wasn't there any mention of the crucial role which Vietnam Vets Against the War played in the movement to end the war?         Barbara Webster                                                                             

44           If the administration does indeed change, will the committee still push for a memorial to the anti Vietnam war movement in DC?            Marla Painter                                                                    

45           Might there be grounds for a defamation suit over the fictitious, negative depictions of real people?         Dave Potvin                                                                  

46           what's your website?     Norma J F Harrison                                                                         

47           Can uou talk about the witnesses the defense called?     Rabbi David Cooper                                                                       

48           Troy: Were you asked to play the role of your father in the film or did you consider it at all?           Kara Dulysz                                                                               

49           Can Judy Gumbo talk about the Panthers?  She didn’t get a chance to do that.      Alice Embree                     yes,please!!!                                     

50           Any discussion of the demonstrations in Chicago should include the Ft. Hood 43.  43 Black G.I.s who refused to go to Chicago for riot control.  Just another way the G.I. movment stood with those against the war.         Josh Gould                                                                               

51           Renee -- I'll never forget the night we met at Dulles Airport where you wrote me a letter of introduction to the NLF delegation to the Paris Peace Talks. I was on my way to Paris (and then Algiers to meet with Eldridge) to introduce the idea of the treaty to the delgation.  It was such an honor to play a small role in that important event and later May Day.       Larry Magid                                                                       

52           Will you give the speaker an opportunity to talk about the Black Panther Party? I hope so!             Gwendolyn Simmons                                                                            

53           consensus ..did the film say anything ..which is what Abbie hoped for..did it say enough to overlook its flaws..                nancy cohen                                                                     

54           How did Americans react to the trial as it unfolded?         aaliyah austin    How did Americans react to the trial as it unfolded?                                                 

55           Troy, Thank you! I loved your presentation. I also appreciated your own humility as well as your insights. How did you feel about the way your father was depicted in the film? Thank you again!             Rick Hind                                                                            

56           Judy G: pls talk about the PANTHERS!     Karin San Juan                                                                  

57           Curious to know panelists view of the earlier film about the trial       Camillo Mac Bica                              you might want to check out my movie CONSPIRACY: The Trial of the Chicago 8 that is on AMazon Prime and Vimeo and as I have mentioned in the chat has the actual defendants and lawyers as part of the movie giving this film an honesty that subsequent versions dont have.          "you were helpful to me on my little MDWA

cant separate Abbie from his wit"                            

58           Rennie, As someone who didn’t start coming to the mass mobiliazations in Washington until 1970, I some how read that you were a lead organizer and I was blown away by the masses of like minded opponents of the war. I ended up in the movement working for CALC in upstate NY. One of things I remeber hearing about you was that you kept pushing for big DC demos while others were saying they wanted to focus on local actions. I thought we needed both to keep the pressure on the government AND mobilize more local resisters. Could you speak to that internal debate and how it might apply to today’s movement debates on strategy and tactics?     Rick Hind                                                                            

59           per troys comments, let me try this again.  Abby would tell the story of Tom as lenin writing in his walk-up his white paper , heard a crowd coming down the street, ran down the steps ran to the head of the crowd and shouted I will lead you.  Hellan- unindicted co-conspirator hellan dowden                  what a great image                                         

60           RE Sorkin talking only to Tom: He also talked to one of the unindicted co-conspirators from the Mobe who was there from the beginning. Sorkin asked one question: “What’s it like to be tear gassed?” We knew then what to expect. Peter Kuttner                    Was this Eric Weinberger? His FBI file strongly suggests that the FBI wanted to include him with those indicted, but couldn't figure out how and when he crossed the Illinois state line to pin an "overt act" in furtherance of the conspiracy on him:                No, not Eric. I wish I’d asked my friend if it was alright for me to mention their name and tell the story. I had space in the Mobe office in Chicago as Chicago Newsreel. Later I worked on Hollywood movies and one of Sorkin’s producers knew this and asked if Sorkin could speak with me. I agreed as long as my friend could also participate. That’s how the conversation happened.                         

61           Is this being recorded, and if so will it be made available?              Charlotte Aguilar                                                                             

62           how did military intelligence impact this moment of the movement? we know about Red Squads and the FBI, but military intelligence and domestic spying by the CIA are never explored, explained unwound.               Noah Stein                                                                               

63           I’m not seeing how to get in touch with panelists. I’d like to either get Judy Gumbo’s email or have mine given to her:              Nelson Bonner                                                                 

64           I was particularly struck by the profound bias and incompetence of the judge, would anyone like to speak on this topic?           Erin Hogan                                                                         

65           Will this webinar be available for viewing after it ends?  Judy Kaplan                                                                       

66           John, you see the individual attendee list because you have the host function.     Kathy Tate-Bradish                                                                         

67           What channel are you refering to?           Shirley Tomczaak                             That’s to JOHN                                 

68           No individual chat available to us to contact. I recommend @name and put email info and hope for the best!                Michel Coconis                                                                 

69           John or Terry, you need to open the chat to all attendees.            Sarah Pillsbury                                                                  

70           rennie   hellan dowden                                                                 

71           Is there a way to save the chat? Merriam Ansara                                                                              

72           I remember meeting your mom and her telling me how she would under or over pay her utility bill just to hassle the utility companies! hellan          hellan dowden                                                                 

73           Hello Aislinn       Summer Brenner                             "Hello Aislinn, I don't see a way to contact you privately but if you have a moment could you email me:

Thank you"                                        

74           Is there a place online to see the photos displayed during this panel discussion?  Dan Martin                                                                        

75           Please help us all get the chat. Thanks so much. Barbara Myers                                                                 

76           Thank you all very much.  I'm inspired by each and every one of you.        Erin Hogan                                                                         

77           "Thank you all for this *superb* discussion.

I was too young to go to Chicago (only 14) but my older brother was there.  He had been close to SDS in Ann Arbor in 67--my uncle had co-organized (initiated?) the 1965 Ann Arbor Teach In.  I was in the Indochina Peace Campaign and interacted some with Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda; our Ann Arbor chapter, at the end of the War, unsuccessfully pushed for the organization to continue and work against apartheid.  I shared an office with Dave Dellinger at Seven Days Magazine in 1977.  I later taught the history of social movement of the 60s-70s for decades and wrote a book about the Women’s Movement.

So much important stuff has been said.  From the mischaracterization of some of the defendants particularly Dave, to promoting the myth of the feminist bra burner, the suggestion the Fred Hampton’s assassination was linked to the trial, etc.  Most importantly, passing over the impact on the Vietnamese, ignoring women, and divorcing the trial from the movement.  Another thing" Judith Ezekiel                     Who was your uncle Judith? I was at the first teachin in 1965.                See below. Rafe Ezekiel I found some of his notes recently           

78           Another thing, not mentioned: the lack of connection between Black freedom movements and the New Left                Judith Ezekiel                                                                    

79           Raphael (Rafe) Ezekiel, social psychologist at U of M         Judith Ezekiel                                                                    

80           Thank you so much for organizing this program and all the resources that were provided Dan Martin                                                                        

81           was this program recorded and available?             David Weintraub                              yes                                         

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  1. Great (grate?) webinar- I wanted to know what are participants doing now- Garrity and Rennie thank you- also no mention of KingsBayPlowshares 7 being sentenced at this moment- i like to spk of tactix moving forward- dave eberhardt baltimore4 (1967)